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Cultural speech

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They’re beautiful, colorful, and filled with goodies. Whether it’s one of my relative’s birthday or a Mexican holiday or tradition, these artifacts have always been used in our family during traditional holidays and special events. I’m talking about nothing more and nothing less than the piñatas. Today, I will be sharing with all of you, piñatas, which represents my Mexican culture. First, I will explain to all of you a short history of piñatas and their origins, and second, I’ll share some of my childhood memories I had with these. I. History

China, Marco Polo, 16th Century, Spain, Mexico
Clay jugs and pots, colored paper, cardboard, paper maché, Sputnik shaped On the Spanish learning website SpanishTown.ca, 2012, it states that when Spanish brought piñatas to North America, they acquired religious meanings; in which piñatas represented Satan and the cones deadly sins, and the filling represented wealth and earthly pleasures. Fruits, candies, other treats and goodies

Now that I have presented the history of piñatas, I will now go to discuss memories I had with these lovely artifacts. II. Memories
Mom, making piñatas, bags with candy
Relative’s birthdays
Christmastime, posadas, 10th birthday (AKA: best birthday ever)
The Piñata song, getting hit, candy baskets

Today I have shared with all of you an artifact that represents my Mexican culture, Piñatas. Fist I talked about the origins of piñatas and then shared a little bit about my childhood memories I had with this precious celebration artifact. It’s curious, every time I see big bags of candies it reminds of those times I filled the piñatas with it; and even though years have passed since the last day I hit a piñata, I would never forget such artifact that brought joy and happiness to my childhood.

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