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Corruption in sports in india

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Two birds and fish
•The peacocks appear to be fighting over a fish. The peacock is symbolic of eternity.

Lakshmi and Sarawati
•Both can be viewed as symbolizing complementary positive values, prosperity and worldly well being.

Snake Goddess
•The snake goddess is worshipped during the summer festival of Nag Panchami. If weather has been good, the monsoon rains will come.

Married couple joined as one
•Honored by others, the couple unites in marriage

•The BRIDE is carried by chair-car or palanquin. Briefly, at the time of her wedding she is treated like a devi or goddess!

Lioness with cub
•Animals take highly stylized forms, often with fanciful details. Loading…
Krishna the cowherd
•Krishna plays his flute, the cow seems entirely transfixed while she tends and nurses her calf

The flower in the middle of my painting reflects my life; each petal represents different stages. The petals aren’t finished since my life is not finished. The monochromatic flowers represent people in my life like my mother, father, sister and boyfriend. The large blue one represents my mother, the yellow one is my father, the purplish-red one is my sister and the orange one is my boyfriend. Each flower has vines and the vines intertwine with vines from other flowers, representing how our live intermingle. The background represents the world. The grey is symbolic of how depressing the world is with global warming, inflation, starvation, depression, murder, and crime. The flowers are brightly colored to show that even though the world has many problems, we as individuals can make the most of it.

My Life and Family

What kinds of day to day activities, rituals, or traditions have been a part of your life. Simple things that give us joy, or influence us, can be inspiration for art. An old tree in the backyard, a family reunion, dreams of the future, reflections of a childhood memory.

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