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Corn Tea Health Benefits

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The silk threads that surround an ear of corn may be steeped in boiling water to create tea. Corn silk is reported to have a variety of health benefits, as it contains moderate amounts of iron, potassium, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and calcium. Prior to ingesting corn tea, consult with a healthcare provider regarding health concerns and treatment options. Urinary Tract

Corn tea may improve urinary tract infections and kidney stones. According to the Phytomed Health Group, the corn silk utilized in the production of the tea has diuretic properties and may help to sooth irritation in the urinary system. Furthermore, corn silk, when used in conjunction with other herbs, may help treat health conditions such as mumps or inflammation of urinary bladder or urethra. Sponsored Links

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Lori A. Futterman and John E. Jones, co-authors of “PMS, Perimenopause and You,” explain that corn silk may alleviate common symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, such as water retention, breast tenderness and bloating. Futterman and Jones also mention, however, that corn silk tea should not be ingested by pregnant or nursing women. Blood-Glucose Stabilization

Blood-glucose stabilization is another health benefit that is associated with consumption of corn silk tea. A study published in the November 2009 edition of “Nutrition & Metabolism” investigated the effect corn silk may have on mice diagnosed with hyperglycemia, which is the excess of glucose in the bloodstream. The results indicated that corn silk extract significantly decreased hyperglycemia levels through the amplification of insulin levels and the mending of damaged beta cells. Furthermore, the mice exhibited an increased ability to store sugar in the liver. Additional Benefits

In addition to supporting urinary tract health, relieving symptoms of premenstrual syndrome and stabilizing blood-glucose levels, Phytomed Health Group notes that corn silk may also alleviate prostate disorders, carpel tunnel syndrome and obesity. Corn silk also contains antiseptic properties that may help to eliminate skin boils and treat other minor wounds or infections. The vitamin K content of corn silk may also help to control bleeding during childbirth. Additional benefits include treatment for heart complications, jaundice, malaria and gonorrhea. One of the many health benefits of corn silk tea is its ability to treat urinary disorders. This has been known for many years and was used with great success by the inhabitants of central and South America and Native Americans in years gone by. It was also recognized for its anti-inflammatory and demulcent properties. Corn silk although not a food is used extensively in herbal medicine and is used in the treatment of urinary disorders. Further health benefits of corn silk tea are its properties of vitamins K and C and potassium, along with the flavonoid maysin, allantoin, mucilage and saponins.

Corn silk, when growing, resembles strands of human hair transforming the color from green, then from red to yellow. These strands are of a silky nature and run the length of the ears of corn. Their purpose is to collect the pollen that fertilizes each corn seed. Corn silk tea is easily made simply by placing a handful of corn silk into a pot of water and allowing it to boil for ten minutes. If a person is suffering from an infection of the urinary tract it is advisable to drink a 200 ml cup of corn silk tea three times a day until the infection has cleared up. As well as helping to treat urinary tract infections, further health benefits of corn silk tea are its ability to aid the treatment of cystitis; prostratitis; reduce irritants in the kidneys and lower the risk of bladder infections. Additional health benefits of corn silk tea are its proven ability to relieve the pain of arthritis. It could also help hypertension sufferers by lowering blood pressure. Jaundice is another illness that can be relieved by corn silk tea. Used externally, it can aid the healing process of wounds and ulcers. It can also help sufferers of prostate disorders and reduce the risk of fluid retention. This is done by detoxifying and flushing out toxins that accumulate in the body. In summary, there are many health benefits of corn silk tea which have been used effectively for several medical conditions.

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