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Consumer trust In Green Marketing

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The whole marketing related processes and activities aim to build a good relationship with the consumers in order to successfully implement the desired marketing goals. One of the most crucial aspects of this marketing-consumer relationship is – trust. Consumer trust plays, actually, the major role in the marketing activities. Not taking the “consumers’ trust” aspects into consideration, as the marketing’s main value, may lead to disastrous results for the business strategy. This kind of approach to the trust, of course, conformably applies to the marketing activities that are carried out because of, so called, Green reason. Green marketing is the marketing of products that are presumed to be environmentally preferable to others. Coming from the title of my master thesis, the main goal of my paper will be the evaluation of the consumer trust importance and role in green marketing activities.

Because of the enormous amount of the problems regarding the environment pollution, society has become increasingly aware of environmental issues. Increase of the society awareness has leaded to significant increase of consumers demand to companies to behave environmentally friendly. Therefore, the companies are trying to position their product/brands as more environmentalists. These kind of approaches have leaded to lots of issues/aspects that arise from the marketing activities in connection with consumer trust associated with green marketing. This paper will try to examine those issues/aspects arisen during this process by making a research. The first objective of this paper will be to examine an importance and a role of the consumers trust in green marketing. What are the measurement values of consumer trust and how are they used by the company as well as how does the company influence them to promote its environmentalist values, thus ­­to sell the products/goods.

Also the paper is going to examine the importance of green marketing and green activities that are carried out for the purpose of environmental safety. The increase of an environmental issues, thus the demand of green products from the consumers, has arisen the new source of ideas for the companies to attract the customers and increase the revenue. Environmentalism has rapidly become a mainstream for consumers, thus many businesses are seeking to catch this green opportunity. Therefore the paper will also be concerned to – how does the companies use these opportunities and what are the main key features in green marketing strategies to use it successfully. All in all, the main goal of the paper is going to examine the importance of the consumer trust in green marketing activities.

Can green marketing influence consumer trust towards green products and their purchasing decisions by carrying the green marketing activities successfully? I consider whether the use of green marketing techniques and effective branding can affect consumes trust, thus their decision to opt for environmentally sustainable products. The main objectives will be set to achieve the goal of this research paper: What is trust and what psychological motives leads to forming trust in consumers mind; Green marketing and the importance of consumer trust in green activities; The technics and usage of green marketing for acquiring(influencing) consumers trust; Consumer response to marketing of being pro-environmental.

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