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Consumer Buying Behavior Towards Health Related Products

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This thesis is about the study of consumer buying behavior towards health related product and their perceptions after watching advertisements and then make their decisions whether to purchase the product or not. This will help to find out the most important factors which can affect the buying behavior of the consumer while purchasing and on the other hand it will help the marketer to improve their marketing methods as well.It will facilitate marketer to analyze the perception and buying behavior of the consumer’s for the advertisements of health related products. As consumer always show extra care before buying the products which are related to their health because sometimes side effects comes from those product or may be they hit directly to their health. So, advertisement must convey the proper and accurate information to create the relationship with the customers. In this 20th century it becomes very difficult and impossible to convey or advertise the product without using the advertisements.

Consumer can use different channels & websites without any difficulty to get information and make their decisions to buy the products. Consumer always wanted to know what they are using before buying they made some perceptions which you can say post purchase behavior of the consumers. Marketers must have to produce reliable products. Sometimes sellers highlight and making false praise about product characteristics and does not expose real information. They pretend to sell the best quality and reliable products but they don’t fulfill those requirements (Chakraborty, & Harbaugh, 2012).Persuasive advertisements also effect the human behavior. As they see many persuasive messages in one day through T.V commercials, billboards and also by using internet. So, a single positive and valuable advertisement can lead the advertisers to retain consumers and build long term relationship as well (Klucharev, Smidts, & Ferna’ndez, 2008).Marketers use different kinds of ways to persuade and one of the most important tool to persuade is advertisements. They persuade the consumers buying behavior by celebrity endorsement to choose and purchase the product. In past few years celebrity endorsement creating a big impact on consumers mind to buy products.

Celebrities can make positive and good image for the branded products. They also help to build the image of the brand (Agarwal, Kumar, & Kumar, 2012).The rapid increasing need of internet increased the online buying. Now consumer can purchase the products online where ever they live. They have easy access to the internet. The most advance and innovative electronic tool is make life more comfortable. They can simply purchase or order the products online. (Salehi, 2012).Youngsters asked to suggest their behavior after watching anti smoking ads and they showed negative response for the advertisements of harmful products. By these ads youth is getting addiction for these products which will leads them to suffer from diseases. This research also proposes to show how awareness can be created for the control of anti smoking habits. It also tells hoe youngsters suffers and give some moral examples to reduce the use of these kinds of products as well which creates unfavorable impact on youth (Pechmann, & Reibling, 2006).Advertisements helps to select the decision of the experts and get their opinions too. Without awareness or getting proper & adequate information a message can not be delivered effectively.

The attitude for a product can easily be altered by giving awareness of the product with the help of a persuasive message (Russo, & Chaxel, 2010).It creates the understanding that whether the websites are really persuading the consumers or not? Comprehension can be increase or improve in different ways. It may be through T.V, print & radio. All of them are the best tools to give clear message and comprehension. Buying intensions can be change after getting adequate comprehension. If the comprehension is giving better understanding to consumers, they will think to experience your brand or product by purchasing it (Macias, 2003).Advertisements and communication can be promoted by many ways. Mass-communication is one the most important tool now a days. Through this a simple knowledge can be build easily by the marketers. Now the use of digital media helps the consumer to select any kind of product to buy. They have power and knowledge of what to buy, where to by & from whom to buy. Mostly consumers get aware about the products through digital media and with the help of thif they make their decision to purchase (Zain-Ul-Abideen, & Saleem, 2011).| Statement of the Problem:

It is the study to recognize the different persuasive tools & procedures for advertising the products related to the health and how it influence and induce the customers to make decisions for purchasing the product.| Model/Framework to be used:


Consumer Buying Behavior
Emotional Appeal
Celebrity Endorsement
Variable to be Studied:
Dependent Variable: * Consumer Buying BehaviorIndependent Variable: * Persuasive Advertisements * Emotional Appeal * Celebrity Endorsement * Fear| Proposed Research Hypothesis:

H1 = Persuasive advertisements have significant impact on consumer buying behavior.H2 = The higher existence of emotional appeal in persuasive advertisements significantly impact on consumer buying behavior.H3 = The higher existence of celebrity endorsement in persuasive advertisements significantly impact on consumer buying behavior.H4 = The higher existence of emotional appeal & celebrity endorsement in persuasive advertisements significantly impact on consumer buying behavior.| Sources of Information:

Primary source: * Questionnaire having sample size of 250 * Observations * InterviewsSecondary source: * Articles of different journals * Websites * Books * Reviews| Sampling Technique & Procedure:

A simple random (non-systematic) sample of 250 consumers will be requested to fill up the questionnaires.| Sample Size:
Method of Data Collection & Procedure:
Questionnaire will be given to those who purchase health related products after watching persuasive advertisements & also do online buying. Research will be conducted in the Karachi city. For analyzing & testing Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) will be use.| Instrument/s of Data Collection:

Questionnaire is the instrument which will use for data compilation. The variables used in this study will be considered while making the questionnaire.| Statistical Tests to be used:
Simple Linear Regression.
Possible Research Findings:
By investigating, it is observed that the possible research finding would be showing a significant relationship between persuasive advertisements & Consumer behavior. In the same way celebrity endorsement, fear & emotional appeal may have a positive impact on consumer behavior. On the other hand celebrity endorsement, fear & emotional appeal may have a negative impact on consumer behavior.

List of References:

Agarwal, P, K. ,Kumar, M. , & Kumar, P. (2012), Impact Of Celebrity Endorsement In Advertisement On Customer Buying Patterns, International Journal of Research in Management, Economics and Commerce, Vol. 2, 17 – 31.Klucharev,V. ,Smidts,A. & Ferna´ndez,G. , (2008), Brain Mechanisms Of Persuasion: How ’ExpertPower’ Modulates Memory And Attitudes, Journal of marketing management, Vol. 3, 353 – 356.Salehi,M. , (2012), Consumer Buying Behavior towards Online Shopping Stores in Malaysia, International Journal of Academic Research in Business and Social Sciences, Vol. 2, No. 1, 393 – 402.Macias, W. , (2003), A Preliminary Structural Equation Model Of Comprehension And Persuasion Of Interactive Advertising Brand Web Sites, Journal of Interactive Advertising, Vol. 3, 36 – 48Chakraborty,A. & Harbaugh,R. , (2012), Persuasive Puffery, Journal of economics, Vol. 5, 1 – 35Russo, J, E. , & Chaxel, A, S. , (2010), How Persuasive Messages Can Influence Behavior Without Awareness, Journal of consumer psychology, Vol. 20, 338-342.Zain-Ul-Abideen, & Saleem, S. , (2011), Effective Advertising And Its Influence On Consumer BuyingBehavior, European Journal of Business and Management, Vol. 3, 55 – 66.Pechmann, C. & Reibling, E,
T. , (2006), Antismoking Advertisements for Youths: An Independent Evaluation of Health, Counter-Industry, and Industry Approaches, American Journal of Public Health, Vol 96, No. 5, 906 – 913.|

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