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Conceptual Framework

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Online Games or Internet Games are video games played over same form of computer Network, using a personal computer or video game console. If requires a connection to the internet to play, and it’s a type of pc game. It can also played in the computer shop, that’s why there is so many people use this as a form of business.



Game designers make characters look and act like humans.
Sometimes people or players feel this actions like they are going do it. Or the players act like the character on the game.

Hunger, not in mood. Get sick, getting tired of everything especially the responsibilities even when it comes to studying.

When you soaked at the computer you couldn’t even stand to eat.

Significance of the Study

The importance of our study is to prevent young people especially the teenage students to play online games, before they become addictive to it. And also to avoid the side effects that can harm not only for the aspects of health as well as the inadvertent differences in schooling, and disrespect for elders especially to parents. The study is also focusing on how youth can be disciplined and control themselves on this. And it also tells them on how they are going to avoid it, little by little. Until they stop doing this kinds of addicting activity. And become a good student on school, and a great person or child for their parents.

The benefits of our study is to avoid young students on doing this. And to stop the problems faced by parents about their child addicted to online games and the evil caused by this.

Statement of Hypothesis

This study tells what are the causes and the possible effect of online games. The first cause is the designers make character look and act like humans. And the effect is sometimes people or the player feels this actions like they are going to do it, or the players act like the character on the game. Next cause is when you soak at the computer you couldn’t even stand to eat. And for the effect is hunger, not in mood, get sick, getting tired of everything especially for the responsibilities, even when it comes to studying. The bad words they use as a conversation to their co-players, the effect for this is when they talk to someone that is elder to them like they are talking to a child. In other word they disrespect elders especially to their parents.

These effect can make their life miserable and ruined. For them its just a games or a beautiful place where they can hide from the problems for their parents and schooling. They don’t know that it will just bring them into a more problematic situation which is a hard thing to be chased.

The solution on how to avoid on being addicted to online gaming is: for teens, first of all, uninstall whatever game you are addicted to. Second get a new hobby. And lastly, probably forget about that game. And for the parents: reward your children with computer time for doing. Something like completing an assignment. This will make them feel like you are not trying to stop them from using the computer as such. In other words for them not to hurt feeling using unnecessary words.

Statement of the Problem

This study will determined the causes and effects of online game to the teenage students.

This study will seek answer to the following:

• What are the causes and effect of online gaming to the teenage students

• How does it affect the everyday life of the teenage students?

• What are the solution to the effects cause by online games?


Nowadays, almost everything can be done with just a click. Almost everyone has their own computers. It’s like an all-around entertainment machine in one complete package. The internet is usually referred to as the “cyber space” because it takes you to another world where you can make friends without seeing each other or having mutual friends. You can play games using it, communicate with others through it or even watch movies on it. Over the years, online gaming is very popular in people of all ages around the world. It served as a form of enjoyment without the need to go out and do physical activities. More people are engaged in online gaming without knowing how it affects them. Today, experts see online gaming as a possible cause of addiction. Many of us spend long hours playing games online which greatly affect our daily lives. It has become a problem especially to students.

Despite the modern computer technology’s many benefits, it also has negative effects on its users. This study aimed to further understand the effects that the computer has on its users, particularly the students of STI College Santa Rosa. We will know the effects of online gaming to each of their academic performance: how it affects their daily routines, their participation in school, relationships with family and friends, their way of thinking and their health. Students, parents and professors will be aware of this problem through this research.

This research discussed that the computer can be beneficial and, at some point, harmful to its users. In this study, we will go through the negative and positive effects of the computer on STI College Santa Rosa students through the use of a survey. We will know how it affects their lives; is it helping them in their studies? Does it affect their mental and physical health? Does it improve or lessen their social relationships? How does it affect their finances?

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