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Computer Information System Brief for Kudler Fine Foods

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Kudler Fine Foods is a small business that is looking for exceptional ways to expand and broaden their business. Goddard and Associates have been hired to review their current systems of both business and accounting to see what areas of hardware and software can be upgraded for the company to perform better and more effectively. Kathy Kudler, the founder and owner of Kudler Fine Foods, prides herself in the company‚ mission statement. ‚¬Å“Kudler Fine Foods is committed to providing our customers with the finest selection of the very best foods and wines so that your culinary visions can come true‚¬Â (Kudler Fine Foods, Strategic Plan, pg 3).

Kudler‚ key business and accounting information needs are to maintain and grow the current three stores and provide the future ability to open more stores. Kudler needs to have the ability to access the daily activities of all three stores and keep an eye on the accounting activities for each store as well as the inventory levels. Kudler‚ needs a new software system to help with automated ordering to free up some of Kathy‚ time for her to tend to other business needs. The software that has been selected for Kudler Fine Foods is ERP software from DEACOM. Listed below are the key points that will be involved for the accounting side and inventory side of the business. Goddard and Associates have chosen this ERP software because it addresses all aspects of business for Kudler as areas needed for improvement.

Manufacturing ERP Software for Sales
Business Accounting Software for Manufacturing:
Deacom offers manufacturing ERP accounting software that includes a complete accounts payable and general ledger accounting software solution with real-time transactional posting to help manage your accounting and financials simply and efficiently. Real-time accounting system with transactional postings Create an infinite number of custom financial statements View financial data based on any time period desired Track A/R, A/P cash receipts and disbursements Drill down to transactional detail from summary views Create any style account numbering format for divisional or location reporting Do online bank account reconciliation

Create journal entries, recurring and reversing entries Print checks to laser or dot-matrix checks, short pay, over pay, take deductions and void transactions Create budgets and compare to actual results Manage large projects using progress billing to generate invoices based on percent completion (http://www.deacom.net/home/erp-software-functions/inventory-control.aspx) Deacom offers a manufacturing ERP software system with integrated manufacturing inventory control software and inventory management software functionality for manufacturers to drill down to transactional details from summary views. ERP Software – Manufacturing Inventory Control Software Solution for Manufacturers: Real-time transactional posting

Use the DEACOM Warehouse Management System to scan bar codes for raw material issuance and receipt, and inventory transference from one location to another Maintain multiple warehouses and track inventory individually or combined Track lots for all items automatically; see where parts came from and where they go Maintain perpetual inventory costing for all items based on FIFO, LIFO, average cost or standard cost Maintain infinite number of locations for each part Maintain and view a permanent part history for each item Full catch weight management

Maintain item master file with 30-character, alphanumeric part numbers Roll back inventory to any date in time to view quantities and values Manage expiration dates according to customer requirements Maintain history on “non-stock” items

Create multilevel bills of material
View WIP as of any date
Drill down to transactional details from summary views (http://www.deacom.net/home/erp-software-functions/accounting.aspx) The new accounting software would connect all sites of Kudler to help alleviate the need for daily store visits from Kathy the owner; she would have the ability to log on at one site to see all the pertinent information for each store. The same applies for the inventory side of the software; this software would help with the ordering process. It would also keep real time tracking of each item that is in stock and the ability to see how much of each inventory item that would need to be ordered for each store. If Kudler were to implement this new software and take advantage of the new technology that it currently lacks they could improve their business over time.

Goddard and Associates will suggest that these new system software changes be implemented to worn off any threats of accounting errors and inventory shortages that could currently happen with the systems they have in place. We feel that Kudler will benefit from these changes and it will allow employees the opportunity to free up time to devote to their customer base and promote the stores they currently have.

After review of all current systems Goddard and Associates believe that Kudler has a strong business practice with only a few needed changes to make them proficient in all areas of their business. With the suggested system software changes we believe that Kudler should become a leader of the fine food industry in their area with much room to grow. The suggested changes will free up time for Kathy to scout for new areas to open new stores and have the ability to get back on the floor with her customers and have many more successful years in the fine foods business.


Kudler Fine Foods Virtual Organization. Retrieved January 8, 2011. University of Phoenix rEsource, MBA-542 course material. ERP Software Functions, Manufacturing Inventory Control Software Solution for Manufacturers retrieved January 8, 2011 from http://www.deacom.net/home/erp-software-functions/inventory-control.aspx ERP Software Functions, Business Accounting Software for Manufacturing retrieved January 8, 2011 from http://www.deacom.net/home/erp-software-functions/accounting.aspx

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