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A compassion of, stop all the clocks, Cut the telephone and Remeber

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Many poets write about death and how they feel when they lose loved ones, and a good example of this W. H Auden whose poem ,’stop all the clocks… ‘ outlines his feelings about how he thinks the world should change because his lover is dead. Another poem by Christana Rosselt called ‘Remember’ also discusses about death, Rossetti writes from the point of view of the person who is dying and Auden from that of the friend or lover left to mourn.

Rossetti writes in the period before the death. Remember me when I am gone away” In an attempt to comfort the lover who will be left behind. The poem “stop all the clocks.. ” is about The speaker in the poem he has lost love in his life, and believes his life is meaningless without out that person who has died. This outlines that now the is nothing for the speaker and the is no need to go on with his or hers life. The poem “remember” is about a woman who is going to die, she wants to help him to move on after the death.

Better by far you should forget and smile than that you should remember and be sad” that is a quote from the poem. The poets voice creates a unhappy mood because he has lost the love of his life and that love was his whole world, a lost mood because he does not know what to do now and finally lonely because he has no one to go to now, no one to go to when he sad. The poet’s voice creates a controlled and emphatic because it tells her lover what to do and what not to do however it says go on with your life which implies do what you want to do for a while.

The information given about the person in “stop all the clocks “is in stanza three it outline that the dead person was his life; “He was my north, my south, my east and west” this shows that the person who has passed away was his entire life, he was always around him. The information given about the person “remember” is just “remember me when I am gone” this implies she is going to die and she should be remembered. It says “gone away far into the silent land” this tells us that she is going to go to heaven a peaceful place.

The poems massage is telling us that Auden was very much in love with the person who has died; he wishes time to stand still whilst this death ceremony is taking place. The fact that he write that “Let the aeroplanes circle, moaning overhead” could referee to the circle of life, because you live than you die, this is the end of the circle for lover of Auden. The poems massage is telling us that, the person writing the poem is going to die or is dying, she tell is telling her lover to remember her when she has passed away, it says only remember me; you understand” which is telling us that she always wants her lover to remember her, but it says when you do remember but do not grieve this implies that only think of happy thing that they did together.

However it says that her lover should forget and smile than remember and be sad. When the reader is finished reading the poem, he is felt very sad Auden has used very emotional words to make the reader feel that way. When the reader has finished reading “remember” they would feel suspisious because they would woundered what her lover will do when she has passed away.

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