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Cleanliness is a Fundamental Responsibility of an Indian Citizen

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Yes, everybody is responsible for an outcome. Cleanliness should be the fundamental responsibility of every Indian. A collective responsibility actually means no one is held responsible individually. So a system should be created where every citizen is held personally responsible for failing to keep his/her premises clean. Accountability is the one thing which is lacking in India with regards to cleanliness. There is no awareness among citizens that they have to play their part in cooperating with their city’s municipal corporation to keep their premises clean. For instance, in one of the northeast Indian states in the Himalayas, citizens were not allowed to relieve themselves by the roadside as the urine contaminates the fresh waters springing from the mountain top. They are so much as not allowed even to spit on the road in the market place. Toilets were built at different locations and people were trained to use them. It was indeed a successful cleanliness system.

Cleanliness workshops should be undertaken by the government authorities to educate people about their roles and responsibilities in keeping their premises clean. We Indians actually never treat our streets and colonies as we do our homes. We very well know how to keep our houses clean and we do keep them clean. But at what cost? It’s at the expense of making our streets and roadsides unclean by disposing debris there. Cleanliness is a self sustaining system. The system is available and working successfully in some of the western countries. Why western countries are so clean? Does each citizen go on the roads wielding brooms and collecting debris? No. They have a cleaning system and everybody by law is held responsible to follow that system. Some of the activities of a self-sustaining cleanliness system are:

1. Cities are held responsible to create and maintain a realistic infrastructure for waste collection, transportation, storage, tracking. Infrastructure in this context means any waste coming out of private/public properties, garbage bins, debris transporter trucks, contractor standards, disposal yards, tracking systems, etc. This can successfully take care of 95% of the problem.

2. With changing lifestyle each individual generates more and more waste with each coming year. So every citizen receives training about his/her obligations towards cleanliness in schools to how ot manage/dispose waste generated by them. City administration concentrates on successful collection of wastes

3. If obligations are not met, citizens/employees/private & public entities receive penalty tickets for not taking responsibility in keeping their premises clean.

4. Each individual/public & private entities will be held financially responsible for managing the waste generated by them. All the finances will be quarterly directly billed to the residents of the city as per their share of waste, just like we get water bill in India. Municipal corporations will maintain a fleet of trucks, disposal yards, waste processing plants and so on with this money.

5. Private companies participate in waste management activities like collection, transportation, dump site management, etc. If India wants this to become a self-sustaining system, then cleanliness must NOT be given as a choice where people clean their premises just once when they feel like it and that too for a facebook photo stunt, but it must become a LAW with proper definition of responsibilities/accountability/duties/breaches/penalties in lokpal. As we all know that there is no strict law and punishment in India for dumping the garbage anywhere. So, the people here take it for granted and keep dumping where ever they feel like. Since the people here do not consider the public places as a part of their property, so they think that it’s not their responsibility to keep the premises clean. But if someone makes their private property untidy, they would yell at them, won’t they? In India we do have a big system to ensure cleanliness. But the question is, where are we failing?

We are failing big time in making individuals accountable by Law regarding uncleanliness in their premises. If we as Indian citizens along with the government, politicians, NGOs and all, work towards this direction, then India will be a clean country on par with the western countries. Cleanliness for school pledge: I love my clean school because my school is best in the world. I keep my school neat and tidy. I throw the waste only in the dustbin. I am proud to be a student of my school. I like my school so much. I am happy that today today my school is one of b the best school in the world. There is no such other schools like my school. I promise that I ‘ll keep school neat and clean so that my teachers will be happy with me. i love my clean school because it makes my attitude peace. i can enjoy my classes. i will read well. when a school looks clean it implies the neatness of the students who were studying in that school. if the surroundings are clean it creates a peaceful atmosphere which helps a student to attain knowledge. i think my clean school teaches me discipline. Elders say cleanliness is next to godliness. So our school took the initiative to bring the god(godliness)near us.

The reason I love my clean school is I like cleanliness. You know what is cleanliness? Cleanliness is simply being clean.It is our duty to make our mother Earth beauty. There is a dust bin everywhere in our school. Students are told to put the waste only in dustbins. If we be clean we will surely be danger-free. Our school is going towards the GREEN SCHOOL. So I like a neat and clean school than a dirty and untidy school. Conclusion: Cleanliness is one of the good qualities. It is a part of our civilization. A man of dirty habits is far from civilization. So, with the progress of civilization man cleans himself more and more. He cleans his body. He cleans his mind and heart. He cleans all his actions and manners. He cleans his soul. This will lead him to the highest form of civilization. But on the cleanliness of body, depend all other cleanings. Hence, cleanliness is considered so important.

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