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Cause of gadget addiction

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I. Thesis statement:
There are many causes that can lead to gadgets addiction (dictionary of english, 2001) such as the functionality and physical aspects of the gadgets, source of entertainment, enjoyment and work requirement and also due to lack of time management skills.

II. Body:
A. One of the causes of gadget addiction is people get attracted to the functionality and physical aspects of the gadgets. 1. The fast development of technology and communication around the globe has made many mobile devices company came out with the most advance technology which absolutely attracted .there are many factor that contributes to attraction of consumer which is the functionality aspect. a. Friendly and Companion for daily activity.

i. Multitasking devices which can help us to minimize our schedule as it will make our routine simpler and much organize. ii. Example: cooking instruction apps,navigation apps,dictionary apps. b. Connection accessibility(SSS NAK MIS, 2013)

i. Development of internet connection range accessibility.
ii. Unlimited access to information that easily downloaded from the internet.

2. people are easily attracted with the physical aspect of the gadgets as it is friendly and suite to your hand.
a. Various shape and sizes
i. Small(iPod,walkman,smart watches)
ii. Medium(iPhone Apple,Galaxy Samsung,Lumia Nokia)
iii. Big (Tablet,iPad,laptop)
b. Various of gadgets are produced with different kind of colour and cases.
i. Fancy colour and different design
ii. Personalize with creativity(phone case)

B. Another causes of gadgets addiction is it is a as source of
entertainment,enjoyment and work requirement. 1. Million of apps are available for free and paid
a. Can easily downloaded through apps store
i. Many famous apps such as twitter,facebook,instagram and so on. ii. Stay connected with people nearby and beyond range.
iii. Spent time socialized through social network.
iv. Avoid to meet people frequently because they have something to do with their gadgets

2. New method of stress reliever
a. Socialize with people through virtual medium without involving feeling or expression.(Nilles, 2012) i. Prefer to have an online conversation rather than meeting up somewhere. b. Playing games or listening to music(Anderson, 2013)

i. Many games that can make ones addicted very bad
ii. Improve focus but still make ones lazy and undiscipline. iii. Many music or instrumental apps can be directly downloaded.

C. Lack of time management skills.
1. Individual fail to differentiate between work and entertainment. a. Lack of focus
i. Daily schedule will be terrible.
ii. Many unsettled things due to distraction.
iii. Lack of ability to prioritize.(Dachis, 2010)

2. Eager to stay connected with others through social network.(Kraut, R., Patterson, M., Lundmark, V., Kiesler, S., Mukopadhyay, T., & Scherlis, W. 1999) a. To many things to share
i. Update status just to impress friends
ii. Pretend that everything is perfect.
b. Boring with daily life activity
i. Appeal with different character when socialize online.
ii. Gain many friend that comes from bad background without investigation.

III. Conclusion:
A. Attraction of the function and physical aspects of the gadgets, the source of entertainment,enjoyment and work requirement and also lack of time management skill contribute a big factor on this specific issue. Thus,many prevention skills must be adapted daily in order to avoid these distraction to become one of our biggest enemies.


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Retrieved July 17, 2014 from http://lifehacker.com/5625890/why-technology-is-so-addictive-and-how-you-can-avoid-it

3. Dictionary of english (8th ed.).(2001).oxford: new york.(pg.273).

4. SSS NAK MIS. (2013, october 24). price of gadgets in malaysia among the cheapest. Bernama. http://blis2.bernama.com/mainhome.do

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6. The Bottom Line(UCSB). Retrieved July 17, 2014 from

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