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Carrefour Group

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Carrefour Group is the universe’s second largest retailer as a result of its universality that has seen it thrive in thirty three countries all over the world with most of its concentration being in Europe, Asia and Latin America. Europe being its motherland, the Carrefour effortlessly forms the largest retailer there. In as much as more than 50% of the returns for the multinational comes from the outside countries, Carrefour greatly contributes to the development of these economies as it trains and employs labor force from the location countries and also acts as an unchallengeable muscle in the contribution of tax revenue for the state.

Carrefour group’s strategy and their business aims are the success pulling factors among others. Its major driving force is its simple ambition of being the most preferred outlet wherever it is located. They have been able to achieve this by incorporating the culture and attitudes of the people that habit in its neighboring areas.

This creates an unbreakable bond with its customers since they are able to passionately identify with it. China forms a profit thriving market for the Carrefour where it has David Monaco as the Asset and Construction Director of .He is faced with a major task as China sets in the lime light again now as a preference location for the construction of a Carrefour Green Store as China’s first ever Green Store investment.

Concerns on the Green Store Project

The Green Store Project is a highly competitive line of investment in the current world economy mainly because the whole universe is in a period of embracing the green revolution for better living conditions that are in no way subject to any forms of debate. Serious deliberation on the following issues though would act a great mile in seeing a success or failure to the new investment in China. As the assets and construction manager, it is under my authority to ensure proportional allocation of resources to the most profitable resources.

After this appreciation, before any authorization of any constructions and purchase of any plant, the Green Market Certification standards must be achievable in China. The standards are all concerned with ensuring that the environment is conserved, sanitation in the store is highly managed, and safe facilities to both life and the environment are used and of great importance is the ability to effectively involve in the production of food products.

The availability and cost of technology is as well a factor not to be offered light attention. The technology in place should effectively enhance the 3Gs that are Green consumption, Green market and Green distribution. The size of the market for the green products should also be one that can support the heavy supply anticipated to be produced by the store

LEED Certifications

In consideration of the LEED Certifications, the Green store would consider energy efficiency in the site, environmental quality of the house and water savings.


As an effect of the high levels of competition in management, a competitive enough manager would strive in ensuring that his plans fall in place whether present or not. With the most well placed opportunity, Monaco has to set history by steering the success of the first ever green store in China, he would go for nothing but the most brilliant ideas which by all means would fall within the boarders of the following ideas:

1. Evaluating the most viable options alongside the green store and certifying that the green store is the most profitable enterprise in China as per the current and the appropriated future.
2. Identification of both high quality and high quantity suppliers for the store’s food products needed.
3. Setting clear and economical ways of ensuring the achievement of the Green Market Certification requirements.
4. Allocating for the most realistic and most productive terms the technology and machinery necessary for the production system recommended by the 3Gs.
5. Inspecting and coming up with the most viable market for the products and establishing the store in that particular locality.

Is China the most appropriate location?

Being a highly ranked nation in industrialization, China forms an undisputable market for incorporation of yet another form of industrialization only that attention is now shifted to the green products where lots of technological advancements have been made anyway still in China. This gives China a greater mile ahead in dealing with the issue at hand and I would consider it the most appropriate destination for the Carrefour to invest their green store in.


Being the first ever green store in China, the investment would mean a whole lot of effects in the Carrefour group as a whole. China being an extremely industrious country, the environment is at greater risks of being interfered with than anywhere else. The introduction of this project would therefore see to it that environmental issues in China are heavily addressed since the store would be under intense pressure to ensuring standard environmental awareness. China being a densely populated area, the company would reap great profits from the project as the market share for the products would be readily availed.

This would implicate to great profits for both the Carrefour group and China’s economy. The managerial section of the group would certainly go unscathed in this project since the company would have expanded and the introduction of the new aspect altogether would implicate that we have to hire extra managerial staff basing our qualifications on the green technology and food production skills. The consideration of these factors would in the long term implicate to tremendous growth of the group and we would eventually be in the fore front in championing the sensitive issue of environmental conservation.

Where Else If Not China?

Spain would be the next most preferred area to locate the investment. It serves as the most appropriate locality since being the second most profit generating country after France, their market share is strong and its agricultural productivity is also highly rated.


As the Investment Manager I would consider investing in the Green store in China most feasible as implied by the prior pages and would therefore advice the group to incorporation of the plan.

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