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My Career Goals Essay Example

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I tried to be circumspect in my deeds since was child. Maybe, I took after my father this feature because he is a businessman and should be proactive in making decisions. I wasn’t that type of a child who didn’t want to go to school and study, I liked doing homework, studying, and even writing various essays. When I was 14, I made my serious choice. I decided to get an academic education and become a businessman in the future. Since that time I tried to be specific in my goals and plans trying to get the best of possible opportunities.

My Career Goals During University

Many students perceive university life as a sort of fun. And it is no wonder because it is the time when you meet new people who become your soul mates forever. It is when you have serious relationships, break-ups, quarrels, even make a family. I understood that university life is valuable because we learn the basics of how to effectively communicate with people, work in teams, groups, solve problems, work with time management, make realistic plans. All this help you achieve success in an adult life.

Once I attended a lecture lead by the CEO of one the top well known local private equity fund. He told that he received his education in Columbia business school. Unfortunately, that education wasn’t enough to launch his own business. This man said that our university goals should be in learning more than what university can ever give us. It was something that amazed me. His words made me look at my long term goals even in a more perseverant way.
I understood that in such a volatile modern world, the university education was not enough. I tried never to miss a chance to enroll in extra curricular activities. For instance, I attended open lectures in local business schools, additional lessons in management teams, sales team, Saturday discussions about the global economy, psychology courses, a center for entrepreneurship. I tried to absorb all information connected with the business world, market, innovations because as a future businessman I had to be well-rounded. It was the most significant part of my university goals in term of getting a theoretical education.

I didn’t stop only on studying the material because business is connected with practice. When I was a senior student at the University of Economics in Prague at the Faculty of Business Administration, I became more involved in family business. My father owns a company which does in-depth research on innovations, cooperates and searches competitive start-ups. When I was free from studying my father explained to me how his business works, gave me professional advice. He offered me a part-time job as a junior business development manager. I worked on weekends learning about market research, networking with other companies, negotiating with potential clients. By doing this, I wanted to discover target companies which could be useful in my future private business.

I wanted to continue my father’s business. My target towards career was to expand his company to other countries, and this will help reach my personal career goal. I’ve decided to choose a university to get Master’s Degree. Simultaneously I will start implementing my idea. I started searching possible higher educational institutions, and Vienna University of Economics and Business Professional MBA program in Entrepreneurship and Innovation was a perfect choice. This will be a logical next step for my career development.

Short term Goals For MBA

To enter this university, I need to have Master of Business Administration Diploma and have at least three years of relevant work experience. Currently, I’ve been working for two years but, from my perspective, it will be more efficient if I spend a gap year in Vienna working as a business administrator at another company to be prepared. Therefore, I will get acquainted with a new city, meet new people. I am planning to find a job in the company which deals with Innovations. It will be relevant to my future profession. I need an MBA application essay telling about my experience and exact future targets. The coherent and clear vision of my business will serve as a good proof of my warranted desire to study at this university.

After becoming a student of MBA in WU, I am going to get immersed in studying and continue working with my father’s company remotely. I am convinced that MBA education will help start with my business. Our technological world is developing so rapidly that it influences the core trends in management administration. That’s why, I will enroll in Project Management Methods and Trends courses. Another course will be Project Leadership as my future working environment is not stable. I should be able to adapt to changes and make crucial decisions on time. During a training project, I am going to choose its theme connected with Innovations and Analysis of Contemporary Start-ups. I am sure that such training which is offered during MBA program will prepare students to do practical assignments in the real career.

My Long-term Career Goals

During my studying at MBA, I am going to make step towards launching the firm in Vienna. I am going to look for convenient locations, find information about the rent price, look for workers, analyze the market, and continue researching innovation areas. In a year I plan to evaluate and pursue the realistic chances to open the firm. I will need to hire a financial specialists who will help better understand how the financials work. I think the most significant part will be to hire good people. Alumni networks from my current university and future one will allow finding professional workers who will help fulfill my long term career goals. Coworkers within the organization create a powerful human system which should have one team goal working.

I want to make my business profitable. It should be useful for big companies in finding perspective start-ups. Innovation area is something that will sometimes demand taking risks. I should be able to create possible project alternatives.

I know that I will gain more experience during the MBA studying and by going into private business. I will do my best in evaluating my strengths and weaknesses to be more circumspect. I am sure that by sticking to those mentioned previously shot and long term professional aims in this essay, I will achieve the desired goal.


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