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My client Mr Boom has recently suffered a right sided stroke and needs assistance with activities of daily living. In relation to providing hygiene and pressure sore prevention care it is important that we incorporate the principles of Autonomy, dignity, respect and independence.


Preserving Mr Boom’s autonomy is one aspect of ensuring quality of care and quality of life as a resident. Decision-making for Mr Boom is an important aspect of his daily routine. However, Mr Boom needs to be able to make his own choices and be able to have his choices and decisions respected. Mr Boom should have the right to participate in deciding when he goes to bed, what he eats, how he spends private time with significant others, time of shower, and activities.


The daily personal hygiene of Mr Boom is very important. Mr Boom should be asked how he would prefer to be helped and allow him as much independence as you think is safe. If he had a routine before, find out what it was and stick to it as much as you can. Find out which shampoo, shower gel or soap he prefer’s to make the experience more familiar to him.Mr Boom may become self-conscious when undressed in front of others. Be sensitive to the situation and approach it in the way you think is most appropriate. Mr Boom may feel isolated if you leave him alone. Have clothes and towels with you so you don’t have to leave him alone in the bathroom. Mr Boom is not used to having someone wash him, be sensitive and always help maintain his dignity. Doors should always be closed in bathrooms when washing or toileting Mr Boom. Curtains should be pulled if washing Mr Boom wheile he is in bed. Mr Boom must be treated at all times with dignity as an individual.

Pressure sore prevention
In relation to pressure sore prevention Making regular and frequent changes to Mr Booms position is one of the most effective ways of preventing pressure sores. If a pressure sore has already developed, regularly changing position will help to avoid putting further pressure on it, and give the wound the best chance of healing. If Mr Boom is in a wheelchair at any stage his position will need to change at least once every 15 to 30 minutes and when confined to bed his position will need to be changed at least once every two hours. It is important that you check Mr Booms skin on a daily basis for any signs of pressure sores, such as redness over areas of skin. Respect

Mr Boom should be treated with kindness,consideration and respect at all times. When speaking with Mr. Boom always address him by saying for example “Good morning, Mr. Boom” . Always speak to Mr Boom in a clear, honest and sensitive manner. Respect his personal belongings such as clothing, jewellery, family pictures, reading books and music cd’s. He should have privacy during care of his personal needs. Independence

Mr Boom should be asked and not told what he will do for example always ask Mr Boom would he like a shower today. What clothes would he like to wear. By giving Mr Boom choice this will maintain his independence to do what he likes rather than what we want him to do. Encourage Mr Boom when possible with activities such as eating, dressing, showering and toileting. Care and observations

When i went to get Mr Boom up he was already awake. I said “Good Morning Mr Boom how are you today?” He greeted me with a smile and a nod. He seemed in very good form. I explained to him that i was going to get him up out of bed for his breakfast. I asked Mr Boom if he would like his breakfast in bed or sitting out on the chair and he said that he would like to sit on his chair. I assisted Mr Boom out of bed and onto his chair making sure that he was sitting upright with his bottom well back in the chair. I used a pillow to support his affected side


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