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Can you imagine your life without technology?

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I’ll See You on the Dark Side of the Tech
Can you imagine your life without technology?
Nearly everybody thinks that technology can be the greatest thing in the world, seeing that it can transform a person’s life, turning them easier to do daily tasks. It’s not that uncommon to see in a family dinner table, the very little children with cutting-edge tablets or smartphones playing games or doing anything else than paying attention what is going on their real life. Does has to be this way? Are we creating alienated children? The growth of technology has negatively influenced the social interactions of today’s youth since it connects with the virtual world and at the same time it disconnects from reality. Thankfully we can enjoy the benefits of technology that surely makes our lives easier. But is it really a change for the better? Of course that nowadays most people know how to use the computer, even if just doing really simple things, but for openers or outdated people instead of simplify their lives, it ends making them more complicated. The minimum required to apply to any job vacancy even in small companies are Office Package and Basic English. For those who don’t have a clue how to turn on a computer, they would have to pay for a course and until they learn sufficiently to apply for a small job, this people can surpass some kind of difficulty.

Furthermore, the so-called one of the man’s most perfect invention: the cell phone. At the very beginning it was a simple device that we could use to call anyone anywhere. Recently, however, millions of apps turn the smartphones something indispensable and already is part of our lives. Recent studies prove that nowadays the closest device that we carry us is the cellphone, surpassing the obsolete pulse watch. Seeing that, we should yearn to seek constructive ways to develop our cultural mind and take advantage of everything a revolutionary smartphone can do today, and not download some irrelevant and useless apps that are available on the internet. As a result of some points that we argue in this text, I conclude that the rising of technology has unfortunately and negatively impacted our social interactions as it can isolate us from what is happening around us. The real issue referencing technology is not whether it is great or not but whether we are sufficiently developed to use wisely what we have created. Our world must be taught to embrace technology without concede it to negatively impact the conception of cultured adults in society.

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