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Broken Friendships

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People tend to share everything with their closest friends about their hopes, secrets and insecurities. It is a genuinely nice feeling when a person knows that they have someone to run to when they have problems and wanted to be comforted. Friendship completes a person. Without it, a person’s world will be in complete darkness. Friendships enrich the existence of a person. It plays a crucial part in shaping someone’s life. As what most people say, a real friend is a treasure since it is very hard to find. Friends are everywhere, but a real and true friends that will stick around with you through your happiest and especially the saddest moment of your life are hard to find. Unfortunately, when it comes to female friendships, no matter how great it started, sometimes it gets broken because of something very trivial. Like any other kind of relationship, friendships are complicated and do not always work out.

When friendships get broken, it is very difficult to return it back to what it has been before. When a friendship ended, it is undoubtedly hurtful and it will feel like someone has taken your heart away from you. The effects of broken friendships are sometimes very deleterious that the person might go through depression, lonesome, seeking for revenge and hatred. On the other hand, sometimes it is good that a friendship ended because it will make a person stronger and they will be wiser and more aware of how they would choose their friends next time. The effects may linger on for some time and it is totally up to that person if they want to get over it and move on with their lives or if they will spend most of their lives hating and bashing on someone who chose to leave. There are many different factors that can cause a friendship to an end.

Friends may come and go in everyone’s lives, but no matter how long they are in them, friends leave a lasting impression. Broken friendships are often caused by broken trust. Trust is a must when a person wants to last in someone’s life. Without trust, there is no friendship. Broken trust cause a numerous problem in a friendship. When friends become dishonest to each other, this will ruin everything they have had for years. No one in this world would want to be lied to or fooled. Being dishonest to a friend is like choosing to hurt them. Friendships are like a glass as people may say, once it is broken it is impossible to put the pieces back to how it was before. Or even if a person succeeded to glue all the pieces back together, it is surely not strong enough to last in a long run. It may be fixed, but there is no way that person who got lied to will ever give her full trust again. Even if the other person promised not to be dishonest anymore, she will still be having a hard time convincing the other person to believe her. Everybody knows that when a trust is broken, it is impossible to put it back like how it was used to be.

A much more disturbing factor in the ending of a friendship is betrayal. Sometimes, someone who you think is a friend to you actually shows you that they are nothing more than a backstabbing, lying jerk. They’ll lure you by comforting you so they can get you to trust and respect them. When they have you wrap up on the palm of their hands, they will turn around and do or say things that will destroy your image to other people. They use the information they got during the friendship to make your life more complicated. They put up barriers, which are nearly impossible to overcome and start to interfere with your success and happiness in other areas of your life.

When there is jealousy, there is a non-stop quarreling. Jealousy is one of the many factors that can cause a broken friendship. When a friend is jealous on the achievements that his or her friend accumulated, they intend to put their friends down and drag them all the way to their level. Jealous friends do not want to see their friends happy or all the way to the top. If they see them climbing to the top, jealous friends will do everything to pull them back down to where they were. This will obviously end the friendship that they have because if they were certainly a true friend, they should be happy of their friend’s achievements in life. Women are the ones most likely to get stuck in this situation because many people do not know that there is a hidden competition that is happening. They want to be better than the other in many aspects of life whether it is about fashion, or who has the most electronics, cars, clothes and money. There is a competition that is occurring but is hard to notice. Jealousy often leads to hatred and therefore, leads to a broken friendship. Many female friendship has ended because one was jealous of the other’s career, love life, or even looks.This is a very common cause of broken friendships among women.

One of the situations that end a friendship occurs when a friend chose to take a different path in life and when they move away. Since they went away and move to a new place, their lives change such as their beliefs, values and even their interest in life. The person who got left behind will either forget her friend who moved away or she is going to be the one who will be forgotten. Lack of communication will end a friendship in no time. If none of them choose to take the initiative to reach out for their friend, they have no one to blame but themselves when their friendship ends. No calls, no texts, and no e-mails will ultimately ruin a friendship. If they really want to keep their friendship, then they should find time to communicate with each other no matter how busy they are. No communication with a friend is like having a cereal without a milk or having a pillow without a bed. The two must be present in order to build or maintain a stronger foundation of their friendship. If only one is trying, it is pointless because it takes two or more people to build a friendship.

Sometimes, despite of all the efforts a person does, relationship of all kinds break or fall apart. Sad to say but things can be patched up but the friendship that is already broken will never be the same again. Some people come into someone’s life for a short time and some people stay with em for a good part of their lives. Broken friendships leaves bitterness within a person’s life and that is because they can not accept the fact that they have been betrayed and broken so many times that they could hardly forgive the people who hurt them and left them. There are tons of reasons why friendships end whether it is about the most trivial things in the world or the most non-sense thing a person could ever imagine. Friendship is based on 2 principles, loyalty and trust. With out loyalty, trust does not exist. Without trust, loyalty does not exist.

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