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Benefit of online shopping

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Now a day online shopping is offering great advantages compared to the conventional forms of business. The online economy is massive, with billions of dollars changing hands every single day. Online shopping has brought consumer lower prices, incredibly diverse choice and an ease of buying that simply can’t be matched in the physical world. At the same time, however, it’s not without its perils (Kidman 2009). People love to do online shopping because it really bring them a lot of benefit and is also a new trend. So in my opinion, I think online shopping shouldn’t be banned instead it should be promote because it really have lot of advantages. Cheaper price, convenience and variety choice are the advantages of doing online shopping. People do a lot of shopping with cheaper price online compare to shopping in shop or mall. For example, Groupon always have great deals or discount for people to buy the products or services online. They offer a bunch of great promotion so people can enjoy the services or product with cheaper price. Majority of online store offers prices that lower than what people find in physical store or shopping mall, this is because they know that people normally use internet to search on cheaper item, so they usually reduce their profit to get more customer.

Normally, online shopping won’t charge the taxes unless they have physical shop, so people don’t need to pay the taxes, so if compare to shopping mall, people will save more money (quartsoft 2013). Some people might say some supermarket like Giant, Tesco or Aeon are also having big sales and discount, but even Tesco, Giant or Aeon are having big sales, still online shopping deals is more attract customer by giving freebies or promotions. Online business owners don’t need to pay rental or any utilities fees, so if compare to physical shops owners, they can offers cheaper prices. Also in physical shop, they use posters, sales messages, colors and product placement to make u buy additional items but this tactics are not using by online websites owner, so people won’t get something unnecessary compare to shopping in physical store. Online shopping also brings a lot of convenience and saving customer times. People can just search on online website to find what they want and just in few minute they can find the stuff they want or need and this is really saving their time. For example, normally online website is providing delivery service, so people don’t need to go to any place to buy what they need, they can just sit at home and the goods will deliver to door step.

Also, people don’t need to get dressed and drive to the store, they can easily visit the website, find the product that they want and buying it without getting out their pajamas. Some of the people are busy and they might be working at the time same as the physical shop opening hours so they won’t be able to do shopping, but its very convenience by doing online shopping because most of the online shopping is open 24 hours (Amazon 1996). Some people they might need to take care of their children in the house, online shopping allowed them to buy clothes while they stay at home to take care of their children. Some people might say that the size of the clothes might not fit because they can’t try if they are buying it online. But now the entire online website they provide the measurement for every single clothes and even customer services to help customer to choose the right size for them, if still people cannot choose the right, they even provide exchange service in 15 days. Online shopping is giving privacy that physical store can’t provide. For example, it’s nearly impossible for people to not stare at when they are buying lingerie, sometimes people might feel uncomfortable or embarrassed for this. So online shopping is really bringing people a lot of conveniences.

Most of the online website they are provide variety choice of products for customers; people can easily find what they want on the website. For example, AMAZON provides a wide range of products from apparel, households product and even food and beverage. People can just get what they want from online website. Shopping online allows people to find many products that wouldn’t be able to find in physical store because online business owners they are always updated with new information so they know what is most popular products that people are looking for, instead owner of physical store they are waiting for suppliers to give them information. Now online shopping is not just only for apparel or something like dry food, but they also selling fresh food and beverage. For people that who don’t know how to drive or no time to go to grocery shop, they can just order everything online and the goods will deliver to their house. Some people will think that like Frozen Food and beverage might not be fresh because they deliver to house will take time, but actually no because they guarantee all are fresh.

Normally, Tesco deliver the frozen foods and beverage to customer after 3 hours they made the orders, so the foods and beverage will be guarantee fresh when deliver to customer (Tesco 2012). So customer can actually feel safe when they are buying fresh foods online, and they don’t need to rush to grocery store after work to buy food for cook, because Tesco even provide 6 batch of delivery based on customer requested. Online shopping is a different experience and people can make the shopping creative over the internet as they get used to it. That is a lot of benefit for people to do online shopping. The benefit of online shopping is cheaper price, saving time and variety choice. Therefore in my opinion I think online shopping shouldn’t be banned because it’s really help people in saving money and time and also being able to buy any time, any place, anywhere, provides exciting opportunities and these benefits are likely to increase over time.

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