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Army Values ​​That Received in the Army

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Medal of Honor was the best medal awarded for valor and gallantry in combat this award was given to military forces for putting yourself out there for a better cause even if there was a great risk that you could take. This shows that they or that person did over achievement in something and was rewarded this MOH for a great cause. This medal came into creation in 1861 so this medal has been around for a while. Everyone in the military, sailors, navy or marines could receive this award and have their silver star medal upgraded to the Medal of Honor. Only over these 200 to 250 years 3,500 Medals of Honor have been given out. This is surprising because over all that much time only a select few have received it. While on the other hand some people received two and that is even more rare. As well over the years the Medal was so hard to receive. As well over half of the people have received the award have died in the act of duty and never knew that they got it.(Army Values)

Sergeant Shurer was born on the 7th of December in 1978, Fairbanks Alaska. Shurer entered the workforce at Spokane Washington, while starting as a private third class he made his way into the medical field.He became in love with being a medic and has a love for the military and then he combined the two ideas to become a medic. He continued the medical field and then served as a Senior Medical Sergeant in the Special Forces Operational Detachment. His part in the military was to be sort of like a medic figure as well as a soldier so while he’s saving a life he’s also taking one too. (CMOHS). He thought he would like the navy and the military because he was a member of the swim team which he really enjoyed and also he participated in triathlons and cycling. His high school that he went to was in Puyallup, Washington in Alaska where he started his journey into the military. He graduated in 1997 and then he started attending college Washington State University, he got his bachelor’s degree in business and economics. After his college years he didn’t know what to do and then was inspired by his grandmother to join the military to follow his great grandfather’s legacy. He quickly said yes and joined the military.(Army Values)

Shurer entered the U.S. Army in 2002 he was put into six hundred and first medical support but then he joined the North Carolina Fort Bragg medical support team and stayed there. Later in his life after seperating from the army in 2009. He was hired by the Secret Service and he was staged in Phoenix and was asked to investigate crimes and federal crimes, protect the vice president, president and higher level people. He did many things by joining the army but the thing that lead him to receiving the award was in high skill in able to be able to have skills from his other jobs before the military and these jobs could relate to a better time in the military.(Army Values)

He was worthy of this medal because of his battle in Afghanistan and medical training came to life. When he found five or six of his allies wounded. He risked his life in sterilizing all of them and getting them to safety. He did all of this while being shot and thrown grenades at and moved them to a rescue squad camp planted at the base of the mountain. This made him receive the award. But one thing that was different is that he kept his life and he took many shots and bullets and was wounded but he recovered and was able to take both while he was alive.(CMOHS)

On April 6, 2008 Staff Sergeant Ronald J. Shurer II was given the Medal of Honor by president Trump (Stars and Stripes). He was given this high class award because of his bravery when in the mix of combat on a mountain in Afghanistan during the war. Shurer was 37 years old at the time of the battle and he was only in the military for four years until he got into the action. He was given orders by the general to be put down with his squad team to the bottom of a mountain or in the valley of Shock Valley.(Shock Valley)(CMOHS). He risked his life in trying to help all of his friends and allies. He then stabilized his allies and helped “heal” his allies and saved six of them. Whilst being shot and thrown things at. He then succeeded and was quickly by the presidents and the military was given the medal and was upgraded from the silver star medal. (Shock Valley) As well whilst being shot and thrown things at he was hit and wounded himself and crawled to safety. He was shot rpg and sniped. He returned further and took around twenty people’s lives whilst saving the 6 that got hit by the rocket propelled launcher shrapnel. (Army Times)

The reason why I picked Sergeant Ronald J. Shurer the second. Is because he was in the category\9 of the living recipatants that received the medal as well as he was a medic and many medics in the army never received the medal of honor. He was worth because of his bravery and his ableness to help his team while risking his life. He first had the silver star medal and this showed that he was really into the action and was very involved while he was in the workforce.(Stars and Stripes)

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