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Animals, Plants, and How They Protect Our Environment

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Animals can help the environment a lot, we just don’t notice what they’re doing for us. Have you ever seen animals picking up trash or dropping seeds on your head? They aren’t doing this on purpose and if they drop seeds and they land on the ground, don’t mess with them, they help a lot too! Some of the plants that people ignore most, help the environment a lot more than others. Plants provide us with food and oxygen, one of the two most important things in our body. Stop cutting down trees and recycle! Just because they provide us with paper doesn’t mean we have to destroy every rain forest in the world! The trees that we cut down every day, are the homes of the animals that keep our world in good condition, and the main source of our oxygen. So take action and put forth effort to help animals, protect our environment, protect the plants that grow in our soil, and most of all, DON’T LITTER,BUT REDUCE,REUSE, AND RECYCLE!!!!!

By Anonymous person thing. “I put the thing the thingamajig in the doohickey and the gizmo went ding!”(-Jessie) “Be who you are and say what you feel,because those who mind who you are don’t matter, and those who matter don’t mind who you are.”(-Mother Teresa) (“Believe in yourself, be confident, don’t give up,do your best,reveal who you are on the inside of your true self instead of the outside,and you will be the best that you can be.The only things that you need are:Confidence,effort,leadership,integrity, and kindness.-Me) Now remember kids, even if you are homeless and poor, that doesn’t mean that you don’t have the right and power to reveal who you really are,even if you are already 58 years old.

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