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Analysis of Weltanschauung: Our Early Template

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Mezirow (1991) states that a learner’s viewpoint is interrupted when faced with perplexing problems in regards to their Weltanschauung. He defines several steps and phases of transformational learning which gives the learner an adaptation of a new way of thinking (Mezirow, 1991). It’s important to know that transformational learning is based on our own reflection and how we interpret our experiences, ideas, and assumptions gained through prior learning. By looking deeper into ourselves we can reflect on the positive and negative outcomes of our behaviors. Unfortunately, adapting to a new way of thinking is often not done due to fear or biases. Mezirow (1991) considered critical reflection to be the main distinctive entity of adult learning, and described it as the way in which one will prove the validity of his own viewpoints. The following paper will summarize Mezirow’s transformational learning process with my learning transformation on parenting.

Growing up with 3 brothers and I being the only girl was great for me. I was always daddy’s little girl and really enjoyed by childhood. My dad was the world to me and I always dreamed about being a mother some day and giving my baby the same love and attention that my dad would give me. I was always surrounded my love and attention and my wish was my command. My daddy always spoiled me, but at the same time he would instill in me the importance of respecting and loving everything and everyone. He always told me learning to respect and also earning the respect of people was very important because it would keep me mindful and make me remember to show proper appreciation towards others and towards things.

He also felt that by having my heart open to love it would make me a better person and at the same time it would lead me to a transformative journey when raising my own children. Becoming a parent for the first time in 1993 was a new beginning for me. Before becoming a parent, I was unaware of all that I had to learn. It’s funny but new parents do not yet know what they do not know. I had no comprehension of everything that being a parent would demand. I always thought that being a parent would be so easy since my parents were the best.

When I became a mommy at the age of 23, I became aware of how much there was to learn. As a new parent I became overwhelmed by all the duties I had in order to take care of my daughter. She had to be fed, change, bathe, put to sleep, etc. It seemed unconceivable to me that I could cope with any other additional activity, such as going to college or working at the same time. There was a point in my life that I felt discouraged and felt I needed guidance and support to keep on going. I wanted her to experience what I experience during my childhood. However, by the time my 3rd daughter was born, I was aware of everything I had learned and I was actually an excellent mommy. I was able to analyze in detail what every parent must do raise their family in becoming productive citizens of our society and the reason why it was so important to become an excellent caregiver.

Being a parent for so many years has given me the opportunity to become better at it, but I feel that sometimes I’m no longer conscious of what I can do, nor do I pay close attention to it. Even though I have raised 3 beautiful daughters, I still feel that I’m no longer conscious of what a good parent should do, nor do I feel I pay enough attention to them. I always ask myself, “Am I unconsciously allowing my daughters to slack off through not paying attention to them?” As parents we tend to become inattentive or not guide them through the right path because we have been parenting for a long time. It’s important that as parents we read about how to become great parents so that we can reflect on how we are raising our family and change are old ways (if we are doing it) and continue raising our family into the right direction. (Mind for Business, 2010). I have always told my daughters that their thoughts and feelings matter to me and that I will always support them no matter what. Creating affirming, kindhearted, and unbiased relationships with our children will guide them in becoming better citizens in our society (Brett, 2015).

Parenting is a process where every day we learn and grow. Being a mother of 3 independent daughters has been very challenging, but also very delightful. It’s been a transformational process where I’ve learned that it’s not easy, but it can be done. I’ve always felt that by being a good parent and instilling good values (like respect and love) to my daughters will make them good role models for their own children. Learning from my daddy the importance of respect and love has helped me to become a good parent and I know my children will also become great parents someday. I agree with Brett (2015) when she states that her mission in life is “To empower parents across the globe to create positive, equitable, and compassionate relationships with children, and through those relationships we can change the world” (p.1).


Brett, T. G. (2015). Welcome to parenting for social change! Retrieved from https://www.parentingforsocialchange.com/ Mezirow, J. (1991). Transformative dimensions of adult learning. San Francisco, CA: Jossey-Bass. Mind for Business. (2010, May 04). The role of our unconscious in learning. Retrieved from http://mindforbusiness.com/the-role-of-our-unconscious-in-our-learning/

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