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American & Indian airline

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American airline flight 191, on 25 may 1979, an aircraft McDonnell Douglas DC-10-10, registration number N110AA was a regularly scheduled flight from O’Hare International Airport Chicago to Los Angeles International Airport. This normal scheduled flight turn into a fatal accident, lead by a 57 years old Captain, Walter Lux. He use DC-10s aircraft 7 years earlier since the aircraft was introduced and known in aviation world. 22,000 flight hours including 3,000 hours on the DC-10 shows that he has the criteria an experience captain. Beside that he is qualified to fly 17 other aircrafts along with DC-10.

The absence of his colleague make him responsible to take over the responsibility even though he isn’t supposed to fly the plane due to his schedule on that day. He was accompanied by a co-pilot named James Dillard, 57 years old too with 9,275 flight hours experienced. The engineer in charge named Alfred Udovich aged 56. 257 passengers and 13 crew members were on board. (Conversation between ATC with the captain) ORD Tower: American 191, heavy. Turn right heading 330. Cleared for takeoff 32R No delay. Captain Lux: American 191 underway The takeoff roll begins at 3:03pm.

The first officer starting to assume that engine 1 was failed due to the wing that cannot be seen by him when the captain ask him to rotate the plane after they had takeoff from the lane. The pilot took a fast step to overcome that with following the company procedures. In order to acquire more altitude, he put the plane into a steep climb. (Conversation between ATC with the captain) ORD Tower: Look at this! Look at this! He blew up an engine. Equipment, we need equipment. He blew an engine. American 191,heavy. You wanna come back and to what runway?

The distance between the plane with the ground was only 320 feet. Although they have thought a solution but the steep climb can cause the airspeed decreasing. The plane begins to bank left. American Airline Flight 191 crashes into an old aircraft hangar and destroying five trailer and several cars at a nearby trailer park. All the passengers and aircraft crews plus with 2 people on the ground were killed while 6 people on the ground injured. This was the deadliest air disaster written in US history crash ever, the crash of Flight 191 is the third major accident involving the DC-10 in the last 5 years.

It was prohibited for all foreign DC-10 flight from entering the US airspace. Several airlines suffer losses because of the grounding and public confidence in the aircraft becomes low. NTSB surely determined that the improper maintenance was the main caused. It already eight week the flight was serviced before the crash. It left engine was replaced. The maintenance tried to do self-service instead of following the proper procedures, but it performed a cost effective repair. The pylon was damaged because of the repair and it the engine broke down effected to the wing.

The plane was stalled without the pilot knowing it, the plane actually could be safe if the pilot knowing that. Figure 1. 2 American airline flight 191 Indian Airline flight 814 A passenger try to hijack an Indian Airline flight 814 on Friday 24 December 1999. That Friday turned into an unforgettable moment starts with the unpredictable action from a passenger who stood up and announce that the plane was being hijacked while en route to Delhi-Indira Ghandi International Airport (DEL/VIDP), India from Kathmandu-Tribhuvan Airport (KTM/VNKT), Nepal about 30 minute after takeoff.

The others hijacker wearing red mask and took a position throughout the aircraft and they wanted to be flown to Lahore, Pakistan but the pilot refused it because the plane has not enough fuel. The hijackers wanted to fly from (KTM/VNKT) to Amristar-Raja Sensi Airport (ATQ), India. The reason why the all hijackers wanted to go to the airport is because they wanted refuelled the aircraft, if the crews ignore their request, all the hijackers will harmed all the passengers.

In addition, one of the passenger had been killed by one the hijackers due to fail in following their instruction. Permission to land on to Muscat, Oman and United Arab Emirate, Dubai has been refused by authorities, because of that the pilot directed al-Minhar air base to landed at isolate place in area of Dubai on 25 December. The hijacker exchange 27 passenger to get fuel and food. The pilot has been force for flown to Kandahar Airport (KDH), Afghanistan and the aircraft arriving on 26 December, the hijackers stayed there to remain the hijacking.

In Kandahar the hijackers have a issue cause their demanded to release Kashmiri Separatist group Harakut-ul-Mujahidin Pakistani leader, Maulana Masood Azhar, who was imprisoned in India and the hijackers also demanded to release the other 35 jailed guerrillas and USD 200 million. On 26 December, intermediate between the hijackers and Indian authorities, United Nations official follow a request by the Taliban force ruling. Furthermore on 27 December the hijackers announce a time limit and endangered to kill passenger if their demands were not seen.

Consultations between hijackers Indian consul sustained over 29 December. The hijackers eventually drop their demands for the exchange and for the release of the prisoners. in order for the aircraft and passengers, Indian must return the three prisoners due to the agreement. On the afternoon 31 December, the passengers and crew were released and flown to Delhi. Meanwhile, the Taliban had given the hijackers 10 hours to leave Afghanistan. The hijackers were reported had left the Afghanistan. They bring along the Taliban hostages to ensure their safety.

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