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Alone In The Dark

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In the early 2000’s, pornography became available on the internet for anyone who searched it. Today, the porn industry is a multibillion dollar industry. But what is pornography? According to Webster’s dictionary, pornography is printed or visual material containing the explicit description or display of sexual organs or activity, intended to stimulate erotic rather than aesthetic or emotional feelings. “Alone in the dark 3 scene 3”, posted by blondbbclover on Pornhub.com, 7 years ago, is about the struggles of a white female police officer whose name is not mentioned.
Due to multiple complaints of so-called ‘harassment’, called in by local neighbors, the police officer is forced to investigate. As the officer approaches the suspect’s home, the viewer gets a full glimpse of her uniform. Her outfit consists of a peaked cap, a pair of aviator sunglasses, a silver necklace with a starfish pendant, a GOA navy blue long sleeve, navy blue short shorts, black fishnet tights, black high heels, and a black belt.

Attached to her belt is a set of handcuffs, and in her hand she wields a baton. However, you may notice that the police baton is actually a dildo. I’d estimate it to be about 8 to 12 inches in length. It is evident after examining her unfamiliar looking uniform that she is not a regular police officer. After knocking on the front door two seperate times, a male African American hastily greets her. The officer explains the situation to the man, saying “We have been getting complaints that you guys have been harassing your guys’s neighbors.” The man exclaims that they are the nicest group of men in the neighborhood. The officer then enters the home to investigate without showing a proper warrant for search. This is a textbook example of breaking the 4th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution regarding search and seizure. Regardless, the women forcefully welcomes herself into the gentlemen’s house for investigation. She enters the living room, greeted by 6 African American males. As the officer begins her routine pat down, she stumbles upon a rather large unidentified object in the suspects pants. The officer gets low to the ground to further investigate. Four of the six African American males decide to leave the scene.

Within the next 30 seconds, the officer’s body had been compromised. She willingly begins sucking the suspects half flaccid dick, showing disloyalty to the police force. Eventually, the officer has two dicks surrounding her face. She quickly acts by deciding to suck both dicks. We are soon introduced to a third African American male as he enters the scene fully naked. At this point in the film, the officer has already taken multiple dicks in her vagina and mouth. To most, the officer would be considered a butterface. However, to the three African American males, she is most certainly not, as they provide her with passion and desire. This may explain her initial drive to begin doing porn in the first place. Nonetheless, the female has had a loud afternoon as she has moaned and talked dirty throughout the duration of the film thus far. The female has taken dong in multiple positions. Positions include but are not limited to; doggystyle, missionary, cowgirl, and reverse cowgirl. After about twenty five minutes, the three African American males release their load of warm sperm all over the nice officer ladies face and in her welcoming, open mouth.

The officer seemed to desire the three African American’s sperm as she eventually asked them while waiting for them to cum on her face, “Give me that fucking cum” and “Cum all over that face”. One male finished in her mouth while the other two did on her cheek. Just when we thought the pornography was over, the other three African American males from the beginning scene show back up. Tupac, a Somali Pirate, and Gus are the predicted names of these new individuals. After the three previous loads, the officer is more than ready for more as she willingly puts out. She receives dick while getting eiffel towered. In the eiffel tower position, the woman is bent over while she is in between two males. She has one in her mouth and one in her vagina. The officer decides to switch to anal sex. We can only assume this is because her vigina is quite raw due to taking six dicks in the past approximate thirty five minutes. After another fifteen minutes of anal and oral sex, the three African American gentlemen finish on her face.

However unlike the previous three gentlemen, the officer decides to take all three of the gentlemen’s sperm inside her mouth. She proceeds to play with her cattle fodder instead of quickly swallowing it like a loyal member of the force. This can only allow us to question how she managed to dishonor her force like this. Perhaps poor previous life decisions? Family issues and drama? Daddy problems are assumed in this video, as a dick sucking, vaginal railing, and anal taking was requested by the young lady. Or maybe her issues are elicited from a poor salary from the police force. This result would not, in fact, be too surprising. According to our research, “with less than a year of experience, a police officer can expect to earn a starting salary of anywhere between $21,590 and $48,040 per year. This works out to a range of $10.38 to $23.10 per hour. With one to five years of experience, starting salaries begin at $30,600 on the low end and $70,170 on the high end.” In only three years, Mia Khalifa has accumulated approximately four million dollars, and has since retired from porn. In 2015, Mia Khalifa signed a contract with Bang Bros’ parent company, which means that she would have to perform in multiple videos each month.

However, weeks later, she decided to opt out of the deal and inevitable announced her resignation. By these numbers, it is easy to see why someone would like to participate in the glamorous life of being a pornstar.  Not to mention, there is no need for extra schooling. Pornstars can make a video within the comfort of their own home, and with the person or persons of their choosing. Many young women are considering pornogrophy and or stripping as a professional career. The potential payout, as in Mia Khalifa’s case, in almost extraordinary, but it is what most of these young girls look like. It is almost depressing that this is what the future generation is shaping up to be. As a whole, the Kappa Delta Rho Beta class is genuinely saddened by the amount of lost potential by this industry. Perhaps Mia Khalifa could have pursued microbiology and discovered a cure for cancer. However due to this industry she will never have that opportunity, and continues to disappoint the hardworking members within the Biological fields.
In contrast, there are many supporters of the porn industry.

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