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A Mosquito Coil made from Lanzones Peelings

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“How will a Lanzones peel become a mosquito coil?’’
First the materials are Starch, aluminum foil, Lanzones peelings, and commercial katol. Then, the steps are Sun dried the Lanzones for a few days. If the Lanzones is fully dried you can now pulverized it using a mortar and pastel. Mix equal amount of starch and Pulverized Lanzones peeling add water to make a paste like consistency. Mix thoroughly. Now get the commercial katol and use the foil to make a mold. Now pour the mixed starch and Lanzones into the mold and let it dry. The results were you have now a katol made from a Lanzones peeling that is used for Repelling insects.


We would like to express our sincerest gratitude And appreciation to ma’am de Felipe for giving As a sample of investigatory project so we can analyze more about the content and the guidelines that we can follow in the content page of the samples of investigatory project research.

Chapter I
A. Background of the study
One of these illnesses carrying insect is the Mosquito. We may be somehow naive of the other uses of Lanzones aside from its nutriously juicy fruits. After eating Lanzones we may tend to just throw away its peelings without knowing its benefits. There have been some studies that like other plants Lanzones peel have a certain compound that can repel mosquito.

B. statement of the problem
“How will a Lanzones peel become a mosquito coil?’’
To know the difference between a mosquito coil and a Mosquito coil made from Lanzones peel. To find out what is the the effect of a Mosquito coil made From Lanzones Peel to a person.

C. hypothesis
If the mosquito coil is harmful to everyone because
It is toxic a mosquito coil made from Lanzones peeling
Is safety to use to everyone.
D. objective
This investigatory project aimed to determine the Effect of the mosquito coil made from the Lanzones Peel by helping people to repel mosquitos that causes
People extremely harmful livestock diseases, such aria, as malaria, yellow fever, and filariasis E. significance of the study

A Mosquito coil made from a Lanzones peeling is a Mosquito repellant that is helpful to people because
It is not harmful to smell and it is safe to the Environment because it doesn’t have a bad effect to the air unlike, an original mosquito coil it can affect the babies and children’s.

F. scope and limitations
This study is focused on making a mosquito coil out
Of Lanzones peeling that contributed to the people
And to the environment because of its non-toxic smell
And it is safety to use; even children’s can use this
Because it is not harmful to the body. Its ingredient of
A Lanzones peeling is nutriously juicy fruit that are
Sometimes thrown away by people but it has a good
Benefit to everybody.

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