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A Marketing Plan on Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa

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Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa will be the first known Chocolate Spa in the Philippines offering a chocolaty spa experience to customers. Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa proudly caters a signature line of chocolate-based spa offerings which include Massage on chocolate oil, Chocolate Body Scrub, Chocolate Facial Masque, and Chocolate Truffle Mint Foot Spa. RCS doesn’t end on its chocolate-based services, it also offers a diverse list of Massage, Body Scrub, Facial, and Foot Spa offerings flavored the RCS way.

Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa will break the conventionally flavored spa in the industry by using chocolate as its main component in its signature services which will pave the way on the company’s brand awareness and increasing customer demand. The company is also proud to say that its chocolate ingredient will be sourced mainly in the country in the hopes to boost the cocoa industry in the Philippines.

Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa will be targeting consumers living in Quezon City, ages 18-40 years old with an average to higher income, due to the pricing of the services designed for a high class spa experience. The company promises that a fortune paid in its service will be worthy down to the last bit because the chocolate spa experience will only be performed by only the best and adept therapists trained in human care. RCS will hire eight (8) therapists, two (2) receptionists, and a general operating manager on its pioneering year. Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa is a general partnership which is consisted of ten partners namely: Marimel F. Michael, Joy L. Espia, Janine M. Suarez, Iyrah Janille R. Esparas, Racel R. Tendencia, Analyne C. Rodriguez, Jacqueline G. De Lara, Daisy J. Duarte, Nathaniel Q. Ramirez, and Gabby Ebora. The partners were college colleagues who took up a Bachelor of Business Administration Major in Marketing Management in Polytechnic University of the Philippines. All the partners will appoint one partner who will be charged as the General Operating Manager of the business who shall update other partners with the company’s business ventures.

As a starting company, RCS’s marketing strategy would focus on brand awareness and brand loyalty by bombarding the market with promotional materials broadcasted on the social media such as the company’s website, and print media such as flyers, leaflets, tarpaulins, and membership cards. The sweet offering of Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa is sure to attract both spa and non-spa goers throughout the Quezon City area with its one of a kind spa experience.


THREATS * Consumers might think of applying organic cooca by themselves * Existing direct and indirect competitors| OPPORTUNITIES * Constant growth of spa market * Stressful lifestyle of target market will lead to more demand for the service * Use of organic materials is being a trend| WEAKNESSES * Limited facility of Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa * Limited hired therapists * Little Brand Awareness| STRENGTHS * Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa is the only spa in the Philippines that uses organic cocoa in their treatments * The unique benefit of the product’s USP|

Figure 1.12
TOWS Analysis

TOWS analysis is used in this marketing plan instead of SWOT Analysis since it is more appropriate to have an inflow of information or external to internal than internal to external. Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa shall seek its threats which are the external factors such as competitors, government influences, and cultures and norms in the area, and they will use its strengths to counter its threats. RCS will seek external opportunities from its weaknesses such as by having limited facilities they will aim to expand in order to go with the opportunity of the growing spa mark


Figure 1.13
Spa Market Share

Since RCS is in its first year of business, the spa got the 5% of the total market share of the spa industry in the District III of Quezon City, considering the other spa that is distant from RCS.

Geographic| Demographic| Behavioral| Psychographic
Country: PhilippinesRegion: N.C.R.City: Quezon CityDensity: Urban| Age: 21-40Gender: Male and FemaleSocial class: Class C| Benefits: Accessible location, relaxation experience, quality serviceLoyal Status: HighReadiness Status: Aware Attitude towards Service: Positive| Lifestyle: Trendy, Outdoor Oriented, Chocolate lover,| Table 1.8

Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa Market Segment

Marketing Objectives:
* To be the number one Chocolate Spa in the Philippines
* To create brand awareness to its target market and segment
* Have a 10% of Return of Investment in its second year
* To increase its market share by 10% in its second year.


Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa will be positioned as a “Chocolate Spa”. Its aim is to be the first service that comes to the consumers mind when Chocolate Spa is being talked about. RCS will use the tagline “Rejuvenate the Chocolate Way” to keep in the consumers mind the good and enticing benefits of our unique chocolate services. VI. MARKETING TOOLS


Rejuvnaire Chocolate Spa shall offer services like Massage, Body Scrubs, Facial, and Foot Spa. As an edge to its competitors, RCS shall have its USP a signature service which is added chocolate oil for each and every service. RCS services are as follows:

1. Massage| 2. Body Scrub|
* Signature RCS Spa * Shiatsu Massage * Thai Massage * Four-handed Massage * Hot Stone Massage * Hand and Foot Massage * Slimming Massage| * Signature RCS Body Scrub * Oatmeal Body Scrub * Green tea Body Scrub * French Lavender Body Butter * Pink Grapefruit| 3. Facial| 4. Foot Spa|

* Signature RCS Facial * Oatmeal Facial Mask * Papaine Facial Mask * Seaweed Facial Mask| * Signature RCS Foot Spa * Peppermint Foot Spa| Table 1.9 Marketing Plan – Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa services


Figure 1.14
Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa Placement

Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa shall be situated at C-5 Libis, Barangay Bagumbayan, E. Rodriguez Ave., Quezon City. The reason for choosing the location is the business’ proximity to its target markets, which are the people residing in District III, Quezon City, whose ages are from 18-40 years old, young professionals, from the socio-economic class of C and/or are willing to expend money for spa treatments.


The strategy for pricing the services of Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa is the competitor-based pricing, since most customers compare prices between different establishments.

Massage| Rates|
Chocolate massage| 920|
Hot Stone massage| 875|
Four-handed massage| 875|
Thai Massage| 860|
Shiatsu Massage| 860|
Hand and Foot Massage| 920|
Slimming Massage| 1020|

Body Scrub| Rates|
Chocolate Scrub| 1200|
Oatmeal Scrub| 920|
Green tea| 920|
Lavender| 920|
Pink Grapefruit| 920|

Facial| Rates|
Chocolate Facial Masque| 1200|
Oatmeal| 1000|
Papaine| 970|
Seaweed| 950|

Foot Spa| Rates|
Chocolate truffles mint| 850|
Peppermint| 800|

Service Packages| Rates|
Couples Package| 3, 540|
Package for four| 6, 372|
Table 1.10
Marketing Plan – Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa Price

* Sampling
Sampling will be used in the opening and its first 4 months of the spa, for the customers to try the services and expectantly to repurchase and build a
brand loyalty. * Flyers and Leaflets

* Tarpaulin

* Seasonal Promotions

Rejuvenaire Chocolate Spa will use seasonal promotions in times of sales decline. Such promotions include discounts for couples during Valentine’s Day or family package services and discounts.

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