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A Comparison of Haiti and the United States of America

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Two countries. Many differences. Many similarities. Between the U.S.A. and Haiti, the cultures seem totally different but looks can be deceiving. Haiti may appear to be a bad place and may seem to be poor, but the similarities between the U.S. and them can be fairly baffling.

The U.S.A has plenty of its own special things that only it has. One is the population. The population of the U.S.A is 313,847,468 people as of June 2012. The U.S.A. has the third largest population in the world. Then you have our literacy rate which is 99%. That is because most of our students have a steady school that they can go to and feel somewhat safe. Finally you have the U.S. dollar which is a lot more valuable than a Haitian gourde. That is what the U.S has and the island country on the island of Hispaniola, Haiti.

Haiti has a lot of its own special quirks and downfall. Like the U.S one of the special quirks is population. Haiti has a population 9,801,664 people as of June 2012. That is pretty miniscule compared to the U.S.A.’s population. Next is Haiti’s literacy rate which is 52.9%. I think that is because of the recent earthquake and all of the destruction that it caused making the buildings crumble and making less educational establishments in Haiti. Finally the Haitian currency is Haitian gourdes. Compared to the U.S. dollar it is extremely small amount of money. That is what the island country has to offer and what the U.S. can’t.

Now, everything has its similarities and differences. The similarities between the U.S. and Haiti are, first, religions. The top religions in these countries are Protestant and Roman Catholic. Those are also two of the most popular religions in the world. Another similarity is having a similar ethnic group. Those ethnic groups are black and white, which is probably because of the area they are in. They both have a form of a republic. Even though America’s is a constitution federal republic with a strong democratic tradition, and Haiti is just a plain republic. Those are the similarities of America and Haiti.

Two things + Many differences +Many similarities = life. This formula is also used for these two countries. With the U.S.A doing its own thing and Haiti doing different, the world can’t be the same because of the situations we’ve been through. These two countries no matter how similar or different are their own individual.

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