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A case of Racial discrimination

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Q1: Do you think MS Browne had basis for sexual harassment Suit? Why? MS Browne sanders defiantly had the basis for filing sexual harassment suit , As she was fired for no apparent reason specially according to one of the reports that there was no confirmation of her performance being subpar and Gardens claim of her sub standard performance only raised when she plea her case before the court .Moreover the system which was in place at Madison square garden was inadequate where employees could not file their complaints through proper channels and adding unresponsive behavior of management to other things left her no choice but to take legal action against them .

Q2 : From what you know of this case , do you think the jury arrived at the correct decision ? If not why not ? if so , why? By looking at the overall picture of the case where we have come to understand that Madison Square Garden could not able to provide sufficient evidence to back their claim that Ms Browne’s termination was not wrongful. More so reports of repulsive and unresponsive behavior from the management specially after filing complaint to the top management puts Garden ‘s in a narrow hole and unreasonable comments coming from Thomas also gives jury reason to believe that in this case real culprits are the management of Madison Square Garden and reached verdict by the court in light of provided evidences and circumstances is the most appropriate one.

Q3: Based on the few facts that you have , what steps could Garden management have taken to protect it self from being a liability in this matter ? In this case of racial discrimination and retaliation where Madison Gardens Square was bluntly hurt by bad publicity is lesson for all those organizations who allow factors as this to grow in their organization. The most obvious answer to this question would be that they should have had POSH in place from the very first day on specially in multicultural and co gender environment where issues related to sexual and racial discrimination are quite inevitable to arise . Moreover as it is quite clear from reading the case that there was not any system in place to prevent this type of incidents from happening still after the complaints of MS Browne they could have responded in positive and proactive manner to resolve the matter by establishing a committee which could have investigated the case and suggest proper remedies however as they did not bother they paid a price for it and in a large sum.

Q4: Aside from the appeal , What would you do now if you were the Garden’s top management? If Gardens management are to accept their fate in this case now it is the time for them to take lesson from their mistakes and design a strategy or policy to prevent things as this from happening again . The first step for Gardens square is to develop a proper grievances system where employees can file their complaints in confidential manner and there should be a proper committee which must investigate all the matters and it should be free of all undue influences. Moreover they need to redefine their HR polices where it is clearly defined which types of behaviors are unwanted or unwelcomed and how everyone should behave in the workplace . Awareness of such policies should be conveyed amongst the employees through proper training programs etc . This type of polices would help Madison Square Garden in the long run where they not only be providing a conducive work environments but it will also redefine their public image into their favor.

Q5: “The allegation against Madison Square Garden in this case raise ethical question with regard to employer’s action “ Explain whether you agree or disagree with this statement and why? The statement claiming that this allegation have risen ethical question with regard to employer’s action is really a predicament for Madison square Garden but on the other hand actually explaining the true sense of the case and I cordially support this statement . By reading this case it was pretty vivid that if someone fire somebody only on the basis of some complaint really gives us reason to question the norms and ethical values of that person and of the organization who is supporting their action of termination of that particular employee. As it is the right of every person to be heard before getting declared as guilty , the actions by top management of Madison where they terminate Ms Browne without proper investigation and in return accusing of bad performance does questions the ethical values of their organization and management that is why this verdict puts them in bad shape and will be regarded as dark chapter of their organizational history as their public image was severely damaged .

Note on workplace romanticism in the movie outsourced
Workplace romanticism is burning issue in today’s corporate world as opposed to sexual harassment workplace romance is not a unwanted activity or a activity which is result of coercion or retaliation but in fact it exist when two members of same organization develop a relationship with mutual attraction . Moving on to our topic at hand where we are to discuss workplace romanticism in the movie outsourced , Although in the movie which was very informative and useful in other aspects as well apart from topic of romance . It teaches us how to work in multicultural environment and how to motivate your employees when you have diverse workforce but the element of workplace romance was very evident in the movie . Movie was basically based on how Todd has to travel to India when his department was outsourced and when he arrived in India he had to face quite a few difficulties while adapting to their cultural and environment but eventually he learns and also teaches his workforce how to achieve what he wanted them to achieve .

During this phase he grow fond of his subordinate Asha and they end up having a affair . Personally the crux of the matter which I extracted and find imperative enough to share is that romance in workplace at times could cloud your judgment and also damages productivity in the workplace though it was not the case in the movie where their productivity actually had increased with the help of Asha but others things had more crucial role in their success than Todd and Asha’s affair but still personal feelings might come into play when someone had to make important or tough decisions . Therefore I personally feel one should refrain from romance at the workplace if by chance some couple develop attraction for each other than either one of them should switch their job or transfer his/herself to another department etc so that workplace environment do not become hostile and remain conducive for achieving organization goals and objectives.

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