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3 Month Wedding Project Emily

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Business Case
This charter proposes the business case of planning a proper wedding for Mary-Jo and Bobby Doe, named the 3-Month Wedding Project. This project has been initiated in response to Mary-Jo’s engagement by her parents. It aims to provide her with a legal wedding, a memorable wedding experience, and leave all parties involved with a sense of enjoyment and satisfaction, given the time constraint of three months, a budget constraint of $10,000, and invitation list of 150 attendees. The project is manageable in the time and budget provided; however, maximization of guests will have to be offset by reducing some of the hospitalities available at the reception. This Charter formally authorizes the 3-Month Wedding Project to plan and implement Mary-Jo and Bobby Doe’s wedding. The project plan is to be developed and submitted to the Project Sponsor to be approved. All resources will be assigned by the Project Sponsor.

Project Objectives
The objective of the 3-Month Wedding Project is to plan a memorable wedding for Mary-jo and Bobby Doe with requirements and constraints, as defined by the parents of the bride, who are the Project Sponsors funding the project. The wedding is expected to take place in 3 months, preferably in a reception hall, with a target of 150 attendees. The wedding ceremony should be proper and legal, and the wedding is to fall within a budget of $10,000.

Scope/Major Deliverables/Proposed Process:
The project deliverables shall include: wedding ceremony and reception site arranged and fully decorated; catered dinner; cake; equipment rented; wedding music; photographer; guest list; guestbook, wedding invitations; wedding day schedule; wedding day transportation; ceremony programs, thank you note; party favours; marriage contract, marriage officiate, wedding night hotel room; wedding gown, hair, makeup, and accessories, groom attire The project will not be accountable for the listed deliverables: bridesmaid luncheon, bachelorette party venue and date, bachelor party venue and date, bridal party venue and date, bridesmaid dresses, groomsmen outfit, honeymoon, gifts for the bridal party; wedding rings.

The Project Team will bring about these deliverables by: providing a breakdown of budget allocations; researching costs of services, reservations, and products needed for the wedding; providing a detailed breakdown of booking choices, including ceremony and reception sites, catering arrangements, cake arrangements, choices of wedding decors and themes, choices of wedding music, photographer choices; arranging wedding attire, fittings, and alterations; providing a detailed schedule of tasks that need to be carried out in a timely matter by week for the wedding; developing and analysing the proposed choices and ensuring that it aligns with budget available; ensuring that all bookings, reservations, and arrangements for services, products, equipments are made in a timely matter; developing a contingency plan in case of problems

Related Products and Deliverables & Proposed Resource List: Project dependencies include the family of the bride and groom, the bridal party, and the groomsmen, as they may influence the choices made by the bride and groom. List of proposed resources:

Wedding Rentals and Decor: Cody Party Centre, Elegant Bliss-Party & Event Decor, Marquee Rentals and Special Events, Ottawa Special Events, Party Time Rentals Wedding Venues, Ceremony, and Packages: Weddings in Style; The Abbey Inn, The Ark, Lago Bar and Grill Wedding Caterers: Tulips and Maple Catering, Lago Bar and Grill, Culinary Conspiracy, Bytowne Catering Wedding Cake: Sweet Mamas Bake Shop, The Candy Store, The Cake Shop, Patty’s Cake Design, Rideau Bakery, Costco Wedding Hotels: Ottawa Marriot Hotel, The Westin Hotel, Les Suites, Holiday Inn, Priceline.com, Expedia.com, Cheaptickets.com Wedding Accessories, Favours, Notes, and Supplies: Dollarama, Michaels, Paper Studio, Ebay, Amazon Wedding Gowns and Attire: Dominique Levesque Bridal, Mister Penguin Tuxedo Rental, Bridal Elegance, Simply Bridal Hair and Makeup: Ottawa Glam, Beauty by Tracy, Ottawa Atlantis

Projected Customers:
Main customers are the bride and groom, and the parents of the pride who are funding the project. It is important that their expectations are met, they provide input into the choices and decisions of all things involved in the wedding. Of primary concern is the choice of deliverables and the cost associated with them.

Customer Requirements:
Success will be determined by the customers once the wedding has been carried out smoothly and meets the objectives. All the deliverables must meet the proposed deadlines within the time constraint. This means that deliverables that are to be prepared before the ceremony have been prepared in advanced with enough time before the wedding (i.e., wedding invitations sent out in a timely matter; caterers of choice, venue of choice, photographers, transportation are booked ahead of time; cake tasting is arranged in a timely matter; party favours are prepared in advance, etc). As well, it is critical that everything prepared and happening on the day of the wedding is not delayed or postponed (i.e., all decorations are done, the music is in place, the dinner tables are set, transportation arrives in a timely matter). The project must also not go over budget. The quality and value of the deliverables are to be maximized within the budget and time constraints. It should be noted that some services may not be available for booking because of the shorter time frame and budget constraints. The bride and the groom may have to compromise some of their more expensive choices.

Customer Needs/Key Attributes:
The project has been commissioned in order to alleviate the burden on the customers. Their act of hiring me as a project manager will result in them being able to enjoy the festivities without having to get caught up in the details of running an event of this nature.

Project Stakeholders:
Project Sponsor (Parents of the Bride): The project sponsors are responsible for funding the 3-Month Wedding Project, setting the budget and time constraints, and setting the requirement of a 150 person guest list, along with the legality of the wedding. Customers (Bride and Groom): The bride and groom are responsible for making the decisions and approving the choices and schedule proposed by the project manager. Guests: The guests are not responsible for any aspect of this project, however their satisfaction is integral to satisfaction of the couple and their parents. A primary goal of this project is to please the guests invited to the wedding. Project Team Members: The project team members work with the project manager with coordinating and implementing tasks throughout the entire project. Specifically, assisting with research and decisions, should it be needed of them by the Project Manager, and carrying out tasks in between the planning stages and the final wedding date (i.e., taking care of booking venues, caterers, transportation, etc.), to the tasks required on the final wedding date to ensure the wedding runs smoothly.

Project Manager and Authority Level:
The Project Manager, Emily Chan, is authorized to decide on allocating resources within a budget constraint, hiring a project team, delegate responsibilities within the framework of the project, and to communicate with the Bride and Groom for approval, to ensure the successful and timely completion of the project in 3 months. The Project Manager is responsible for developing the project plan, monitoring the schedule to ensure that everything is carried out in a timely matter, monitor the cost that resources are allocated efficiently, and maintaining control over the project at every step.

Preliminary Schedule (Milestone Chart):
This preliminary schedule is to be approved by the Project Sponsor and Bride and Groom. Upon approval, resources will be assigned to carry out the workload. The proposed schedule is: March 15, 2013-April 15,2013 – Set wedding date; Choose ceremony location and reserve date and time; Select and reserve the reception location; Compile guest list for the ceremony and reception; Decide on theme and decor for wedding; Select and reserve photographer, music, florist, and caterer; Review wedding attire; Select wedding invitations, thank you notes; Order marriage licences; Book priest

April 15,2013-May 15,2013 – Address invitations mail out invitation; Choose wedding cake; Work with caterer on menu; Choose and order wedding attire; Order party favours; Begin ordering or making dĂ©cors; Reserve transportation for wedding day; Reserve hotel for wedding night;

May 15, 2013- June 15, 2013 – Schedule hair and makeup appointments; Finalize menus and cake; Finalize decor; Finalize guest list; Finalize wedding attire; Confirm all reservations

Preliminary Budget/Cost Estimate –
The budget for the 3-Month Wedding Project is $10,000. The budget is estimated based on a guest count of 150 guests. It is to be funded by the Project Sponsor. Reception:
Wedding Reception (40%): Includes site fees, catering costs, bar and beverages, and wedding cake; Totals to approximately $4,000 available Reception Venue/Rentals: Approximately $800-$1,000; Factors affecting price includes day of the week, popularity of location, supplies provided, and guest list size Food, Drinks, and Service: Approximately $3,000; With 150 guests, only about $20 can be spent per person at minimum. Suggestion to exclude drinks and have a simple three course meal Cake: Approximately $200; Cake is suggested to be a simple stacked cake. The more detailed a cake is, the higher the cost. Wedding Music (10%): Includes DJ fees, ceremony Music; Totals to approximately $1,000 available Wedding Flowers (10%): Includes bridal bouqeut, table centerpieces, etc.; Totals to approximately $1,000 available. Wedding Photography (10%): approximately $1,000 available

Wedding Attire (15%): Includes wedding gown, dress alterations, veil, jewelry, shoes, hair, makeup, etc. ; totals to approximately %1,500 available. Stationary (5%): Includes invitation, postage stamps, wedding programs, table place cards; totals to approximately $500 available Additional Expenses (10%): Includes wedding day transportation, hotels, marriage license, officiate fees, church rental donations; totals to approximately $1,000 available. Ceremony:

Costs for the ceremony are fixed costs. The ceremony estimates are included in the miscellaneous fees calculations above. Priest/Officiate Fees: Expected cost of $50-$100 for a simple civil ceremony Wedding License: $100-$125

Ceremony Location Fees: Churches may ask for a small donation or charge up to $10,00 to use their synagogue While some costs may be fixed (i.e., marriage license) or non-negotiable (i.e., if a higher end venue is preferred), some costs can be adjusted and re-allocated. For example, costs can be cut in stationary by having simple cards, and these savings can be re-allocated to provide a more elaborate dinner menu for the guests.

http://www.hooverwebdesign.com/20000-wedding-budget-worksheet.html http://www.theknot.com/pl_budgetavg.shtml

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