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1st abd 2nd Adement To The U.S Constitution: The Freedom

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            The first amendment of the U.S constitution pertains to the freedom of an individual to choose his Religion; he has the right to express and the press is given the right to deliver information. This states that the congress is not to make any law prohibiting the exercise of the freedom of expression and the practice of any religion that one wishes to. The people have the right to speak of any grievances they wish the government to address and to petition the Government as well to resolve any injustice inflicted to the people. The second Amendment of the U.S constitution states that an individual has the right to bear arms.

The people are given the privilege to keep and carry arms for security purposes but with restrictive precautions as well. These laws are made but with the notion that one also could be restricted from using it for example although one is given the freedom of speech to voice out their concerns, you cannot by any purposes have anyone harmed because of this, which means you cannot insult anyone as you please so just to voice out an opinion. Same as well in carrying a gun, people are given the right to own one but with limit to its use. You cannot by any chance shoot any one you like because of their wrong doings to you because that is crime you are committing. Owning a gun has its certain responsibility that it may only be used in order to protect oneself in times that they are in a critical condition which they are forced to defend themselves because of violation. In this context although one may be given rights or freedom this freedom is aimed not to harm anyone in the process but is establish to give rights with the people responsibility working in it.

            One of the most controversial issues encountered is the freedom of the press. An issue that arises is that can the press protect its sources of information, can they be able to address the public with the right information and no biases with it. Recently, journalists are at risk their lives in doing their jobs because of the different threats in acquiring the information that are needed for them to publish or set out in the news. Due to this incidence the media’s roles are limited and accesses to their resources are affected as well therefore broadcasting has been compromised. But this is not the dilemma that the press is facing, it is whether the news or the information that they are providing is pertinent to the people or should it be important for the people to know.

It is mainly because though the press is given the right to voice out, it is still the concern of the government to assess the type of information the press is feeding because this may not be beneficial and instead is a way of manipulating the people. The information that the press gathers should bear a limit in a way that their concern does not discern people from its government but instead have a clear picture of what is going on. Regarding the bearing of arms like guns by an individual, it is as discussed a right of a person to own or withhold firearms it does not mean that the people have the right or what so ever to use this as a tool of harming others. An individual has the right to have firearms to protect themselves and their homes and does not give them the right of what so ever to commit aggressive acts to others. It is limited by the government in such a way that the people are not to own firearms to run a militia against the country or harm people with this. Weapons are restricted; it may not be allowed at a certain point to inflict danger to people as well as the community that individual belongs.

            These acts are debated by the government and church in a sense that the church has its principle of morality wherein there are laws that although the government may have approve of but the church questions it because of its moral standard. Although the church has a right to voice out their concerns regarding the morality or the values of the government in running the country it is still within the boundary. It is mainly because the government cannot at any case just look into the morality of a certain things to go in accordance with the law because the government itself is a governing body that is set within principles and laws that distinctly is given in order to organize the body that governs the country. Many of us say that we have freedom yet the essence of it is still questionable to many. 


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