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Work File Review: Parenting

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1. Based on your reading the cost of raising a second child for a
Typical income family is $222,360
Lower income family is $411,210
Higher income family is $160,410
2. What are three costs that are left out of the average amount?
a. College Student expenses
b. Lost incomes of family members
c. Personal family expenses (medical bills or private schools etc.)

Refer to the How much will your family spend chart to answer the following

3. Rank the categories of expenses from the most costly to least costly. Housing, Care/School, Food, Transportation, Health, Misc., Clothing

4. Analyze which categories would be easier to adjust for a dual parent family that becomes a single parent family. Health, Clothing and Misc. because they are less of the overall total and doesn’t differentiate greatly.

5. Read the suggestions for a healthy lifestyle leading to a baby’s solid growth and development and explain why these suggestions are important for a prospective parent to follow.

Eating For 2 makes sure that the baby is getting the nutrients it needs and makes the mom aware of things that can harm the baby. Staying fit is important because it contributes to physical health and overall wellbeing during pregnancy. Oral Health because bacteria from cavities from the mom can transfer on to the baby by kissing, tasting bottle temperature, tasting baby food, etc. Meds and Herbs is important to know which medicines can be used for pregnant women and it is suggested to be cautious before taking medicines or herbs. Environmental Hazards, prospective parents should be aware of the hazards so that no harm comes to their baby. When To Call Your Doctor is an important aspect to be wary of because a pregnant women must know when there could be a potential issue involved with her baby and she needs to be aware of what things can be serious.

6. Defend this statement—“Discipline and punishment are not the same thing.”

Word Bank for questions 7 – 12
Self-worthself-controlsarcasm more respect positive bad more

7. Discipline guides a child to Self-Control.

8. Negative methods of behavior correction include verbal abuse, humiliation and Sarcasm.

9. Discipline is respectful, accepting and comforting, which enhances Self-Worth.

10. The More one knows about stages of child development the more one will be able to positively guide children.

11. “Bad parents have difficulty with disciplining children.” This belief is often felt by parents.

12. When treated with Respect children learn Positive behaviors.

13. List the six biggest roadblocks to effective discipline. Choose one and discuss why it would be considered to be a roadblock.

Confusing Discipline with Punishment, parents who punish their kid’s verses discipline then can cause damage to their children’s relationship with their parents and might make the child loose trust and acceptance from the parent. It can cause a “roadblock” in the child’s ability to grow and learn to handle day-to-day events.

14. List the six methods of effective discipline. Choose one and explain why it would be an effective method of discipline.

Believing Your Child “Should” Behave a Certain Way. I think that by parents having high expectations for a child to behave a certain way can cause damaging effects to the parent and child relationship and that by being open to your child’s own personal needs a parent is being more compassionate in declining their child verses punishing them.

List two methods of prevention for these common accidents.

Keep clutter away from stairs.
NEVER leave a baby alone on a raised surface, because they can roll off. Motor Vehicle Accidents
Have your child seated in the State approved restraint device. All children under age 13 should sit in the back seat.
NEVER leave them alone near a pool or body of water.
Fence in home pools.
Keep cleaning supplies in a child proof cabinet

Use child-proof caps and keep all medicines out of children’s reach Burns & Fires
NEVER leave candles burning in empty room.
Keep loose clothing and hair away from stove.
Avoid hard candies, nuts and seeds
Avoid toys smaller than the child’s hands and keep small objects out of children’s reach such as paper clips, pins, and coins. Firearms
Avoid storing guns in the home.
If guns are in the home, keep shells/ammunition in a separate area and NEVER have a loaded gun in the home.

The firearm information will not be found on the Mayo Clinic web site. The above is a crucial safety method regarding firearms and keeping children safe. (If guns are in the home, keep shells/ammunition in a separate area and NEVER have a loaded gun in the home.)

Identify the technique in dealing with teens and pre-teens. Pretend you are the parent in these situations.

Excessive phone use/bills are brought up during this time.
Techniques that should be used are Listening for Feelings and Praise Good Behavior, so that the teen doesn’t feel attacked by parents. I would use “I’ Statements and Reflective Listening when talking to them and finally we would Solve Problems Together and Follow Through With Decisions.

Bobby, the oldest son, has kept his room clean for two weeks without being told to pick up. You make a point of pointing this specific behavior out at the regularly scheduled family meeting and offer to order his favorite pizza for dinner. Technique used is to Praise Good Behavior by rewarding him. I would have done the same in the situation.

After watching a movie about drug and alcohol abuse, you and your spouse express your concerns regarding this problem to your 16-year-old son. Techniques uses is to Talk About Values.

You have asked your daughter to unload the dishwasher and take out the trash before you get home from work as guests are coming for dinner. She does not do this and is sassy with you regarding being asked to do this chore. You are angry, but tell her you will discuss and discipline her once your guests have left. Technique used is to Wait Until You Are Calm to Deal With The Situation. I would have waited as well, after guests are gone I would use “I” Statements and Reflective Listening to solve the issue.

What are five(4) routines you can follow to create a “happier morning” with children?

Planning is Key – Plan everything the night before so that children aren’t rushing the morning of to get things in order.

Mr. Grumpy- getting the child an alarm clock so that they wake themselves up gives them a sense of autonomy which helps improve and start their day in a positive attitude.

Getting Those Z’s- Making a nightly routine fun so that the child can go to bed earlier and on time, this way they won’t be falling asleep in class and wake up fully rested.

The Importance of Breakfast- Getting your child to eat breakfast will improve their overall day. They will improve their school performance, attendance, behavior and energy.

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