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Winery Marketing Proposal

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It can be said that the wine operations in the global marketing are now living in an interesting environment. The process of changes from the old economy to the new global economy has been able to generate tremendous changes as well as development of the wine operation (Urwin, 1996). Part of these changes brought about by the competition of the winery operations includes the new market structure, economic, marketing strategy and the new technological structures of each winery operations within the business environment. The global wine market is noted to be the largest as well as the most diverse with an ever-increasing range of wine products that aims on satisfying the demands of the target market in terms of image, health, individuality, distinctiveness as well as the basic price and thirst needs. Wine products are noted to have competitive position in the marketplace. It is the most appropriate food accompaniment drinks, which acknowledge the image, and status, health aspects, engenders high consumer involvement, gives variety and has various level of flavor complexity.

The natural features of wines such as its positive image with the lifestyles and its connection with the tourism and food operations are expected to stimulate modes sales growth from $65 billion to $69 billion in the year 2025 (Wine Vision, 2000). However, strong development will happen in both the premium and commercial segments at the expense of commodity wine beverages. Thus, to be able to position themselves, winemaking operations must be able to utilize or implement efficient marketing strategy to make sure that their wines will be positioned in the marketplace. Product Description and Situational Analysis Most of the small to medium size businesses often do not even think of the far reaching the effects of their marketing plan can be. They have a vault full of helpful information stored right under their noses. The goal of a marketing plan is to help those companies to realize the potential that can exist in their customer base. For example take a Dance studio, when there year is over they strive to put together a schedule and a budget for the following one. At times this very difficult because they are not sure who might be returning and what class they might be interested in. With the proper marketing plan they can have a survey sent out to enquire of who might be returning and what interest they might have.

The information can be gathered and put together into a report this can help to personally cater to the needs of each customer. The Jade Peacock Winery will produce products that will meet the needs of those customers seeking for an innovated way to use express their taste in wine. We will gather credible statistical information to benefit the end result of our process. We plan to develop Marketing kits that will consist of an introduction (that will also not only introduce the company with samples but also will help promote new customers.) They will develop surveys as needed and a custom designed statistical report to aid in new product development. Through our marketing efforts the Winery will reach many customers, business owners seeking to enhance their services through our products. A web based communication web site will help to share the developmental process as it grows. Those customers will get continuous exposure to our new products through being linked to existing customer web site. Being exposed to customer feedback will help to develop a consistent new customer base as well as new ideas for new products with satisfactory results and growth. Marketing Plan Brief Background The objective

The chief objective of the proposal paper is to make a proposed marketing plan that is comprehensive enough for the successful establishment of vineyard for cabinet Sauvignon, Syrah (also known as Shiraz), Grenache, Sauvignon Blanc, and Chardonnay grapes near the town of Fredericksburg in the central region of Texas which will be on a 20-acre plot. All of these varieties of wines are robust types which have thick skins to resist inclement weather and pests. The management is thinking that the Texas Hill Country provides an ideal and perfect location for this new vineyard as well as a winery because of the agricultural base of the region as well as its close proximity to the two of the main tourist areas in Texas which are the Austin and San Antonio.

This location is also ideal because it is near several universities which will be the main source for part time employees and can help them in terms of scientific research for both viticulture and enology. Mission and Vision The mission of this vineyard and winery is to produce quality grapes by the third year’s harvest. To be able to generate revenue during the first year, the winery will attempt to purchase grapes from both out-of- state and in-state sources are to be considered as sources or vineyards for purchases of grapes, if the generation of revenue in the first year is to be realized. It is stipulated that the winery has to have some chateau on the property to be built on modules to diffuse the 10 year period costs. At the initial stage, the larger part of sales is to be obtained from the purchases realized from the Tasting Room. As the wine gains popularity in Texas market, distributors and dealers thereof are targeted.

To be able to be known easily in the marketplace, this winery will also consider the context of e-marketing approach by making their website. If given enough budgets, this will be the possible website of the Winery in the Texas Country Hill. We can look at the marketing tactic of getting a mailing list of people that are interested in great wines. One idea is to mail out wine soaked corks to let the potential client to smell the wine that we sell. By using the local supermarkets like Kroger and Randall’s is another market tactic to get our name known in the wine marketing world.

Our company can please sample bottles of wines for the consumers at these supermarkets with their deli purchases. At the yearend holidays, we can make the sample and bottles of wines available to the deli section and the wine sections in gift boxes. The newspaper is always a great marketing tool. Jade Peacock Winey Company can use the newspaper to market their label to the public, which will announce that we are open to the public and that we have a wine tasting room also that is open to the public. The local and county festivals are great ways to get your name out to the public. The local wine and liquor stores will be used to create a great relation with the wine maker and the wine that he is selling to market the wine in a personal environment. This will be in a sense of romancing the client to by our wine from Jade Peacock Winey Company

Two Label Forms of Strategy

The winery proposed is supposed to bring about the accrual of a “reserve” or a “first” or “second” from each and every varietal. To this effect, wines that are of top quality are designated as the first label. This marketing plan dictates that 15% of this wine be ear marked for this first class labeling, whilst the remaining 85% are to subscribe for second labeling. This form of dual labeling strategy is to facilitate the marketing of wines with lower quality under the aegis of second labeling without disparaging the company’s corporate image, as far as quality is concerned.

Packaging decisions

One of the most fundamental aspects of product delivery is packaging decisions. A testimony to this is the very fact that every product always looks appealing, its value notwithstanding. Therefore, it is up to the winemakers to choose labels, corks, boxes, capsules and bottles that are most suitable. Every aspect the above elements are related to each and every individual’s experience of consumption. This means that decisions on packaging affect totally the perception that clients have about the quality of the bottled product (wine).

The Wine Label

            The labeling of the wine is also important since it is the first component of the wine product that clients will come into contact with. It is in this sense that prominent and veteran wine makers and marketers believe that the label of the product is as good as the product itself. It is therefore an injunction that labels must be esthetically appealing and inviting. In the same vein, the labeling must be informative, clearly effulging the identity of the manufacturers behind the wine.

 Mr. Cassidy and LT. Holzer will work together on creating the various labels.

Winery Marketing Proposal

Globally, bottle wineries ape the European tradition and customs when choosing wine bottles. The bottles that have been proposed are to house the wines in 750 ml standard bottles. The bottles are to also conform to the shapes of the customary and conventional European bottles.

The amount of wine that is to be used in promotion is to be 15%.  Target marketing

The demographics

            This vineyard’s profile, together with that of its winery client is to comprise the behavioral and demographic characteristics that are discussed forthwith: Demographics Male and female who are fond of drinking varieties of wines Ages 21 years old and above.

The professionals working within the proximity of the location. Those who drink occasionally or moderately are Tourists from the cities of San Antonio and Austin and always have a tendency of patronizing high class wine products are conscious of their health.

 Behavioral factors

 Experience the enjoyment of wine of high quality wine products that meet the needs of the target market.

During the time of ordering, concerns bordering on health as far as food and beverage are concerned are also esteemed highly. Great value is also attached to the physical presentation of the wines through its packaging and labeling.  Marketing Needs This winery aims on providing the target market with a broad range of selection of wine products with high standard of quality that are exclusively and pleasantly rich in presentation, since they also offer various selections of choices that suit the health conscious type. This also allows for maximum utilization of ingredients that are top- shelf.  The winery is to try to meet the benefits that are essential to the customers.


A broad range of products of wine Accessibility It is possible for the patron to realize accessibility of the stores and eventually, the restaurant for the wine products.

Customer care and service

  It is most likely that the patrons will be fulfilled with the kind of attention that they are accorded. Exacting competitive pricing of wine products are to be priced in a manner competitive and also in a manner that is relative to other quality wines that tend to cost more than $12 for a 750-mL bottle or more. Our competitors are: Texas vineyard, Mesina Hof Winery and Resort were established by Merrill and Paul Bonarrigo is descended from a coterie of two familial heritages. The family of the winemaker Paul Bonarrigo goes back to seven generations in Sicily, at a place called Messina, whereas that of Merrill originates from Germany, Hof.

The Fredericksburg Winery is owned and operated by the Switzer Family. My name is Cord Switzer. We our company will be want to capture the essence of true wine making and the environment of romance that will give us that completive edge. Our wine labeling for Jade Peacock Winey Company will get the buyer the feeling I need to taste this wine. Marketing Mix The marketing mix for this winery Jade Peacock Winey  Jade Peacock Winey Company products will be distributed through distribution among tourists who will visit the stores in Texas Country Hill. Eventually, if the winery becomes popular, distribution location will also be considered.

Advertisement and Promotion One of the most successful forms of advertising will comprise television and banner advertisements and website campaigns website campaign to promote and advertise this new vineyard and winery. Promotion of our product we will talk to the local hotel management to see if we can have permission to set up a booth for wine tasting during business conferences. There other ideas for promotion included in the marketing approach for Jade Peacock Winey Company that has already been mentioned Customer care and services

 Herein, the obsessive version of client’s attention is the main mantra.   Jade Peacock Winey The philosophy of the company has it that whichever thing is expedient for the realization of success and happiness, must be exacted, the collateral damages notwithstanding. This is because the investment is bound to pay off handsomely with customer loyalty in the long run.

 The marketing Budget

 The cost of the proposed budget is to remain at $ 4 for every case that is used in the marketing of these wines. This budget is to entail the activities incurred in promotions, though it is bereft of the expenses incurred from labor. The requirements of marketing labor are to be put in summations in the operation plan, and are also inclusive of the labor expenses. This is to exclude expenses incurred in marketing. Alongside the $ 4 figure for every case, $ 10,000 is to be designated for marketing. During the primordial years, this marketing should include the development of billboards and webpage. This means that $ 1,000 is supposed to be added each year in the marketing budget so as to consolidate the cost of web hosting together with its maintenance. Website Outline Welcome Page Slide Presentation Brief Information. The profile and history of the company The Vision and the Mission of Vineyard’s Technical Information Informing individuals concerning the winery vineyards’ Scenery e. individuals About Wines.

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