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Why Pople Keep Pets

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Today owning a pet is a widespread phenomenon and is also becoming a trend in our society. Pets always have something to offer whether it is companionship or protection. Some people even have pets just for the sake of it. As stated in the dictionary, pets are a domesticated or tamed animal or bird kept for companionship or pleasure. The reason why people keep pets is pets can improve your health, a source of exercise and provides companionship.   There are many benefits from having a pet as pets can improve a person’s health. When a person owns a pet, they owners mood becomes enhanced naturally. There is more than meets the eye to human-animal bond. Companion pets can literally give you a sense of reason and increase your confidence while also providing a positive mental strength where by raising serotonin and dopamine levels while decreasing cortisol just by spending time together. According to Emily Cardiff (2014), theAmerican Heart Association stated that there is a link between having a pet around and the reduced of heart disease and greater longevity.   For certain people who have an urge to keep fit but just can’t be bothered to do so, having a pet just might be the best way. However certain people may not be comfortable with a human trainer therefore owning a pet might just be a source of exercise.

Daily Mail reporter (2014) stated an average of 47 percent of non-pet owners don’t do any exercise so therefore it would be good to keep a dog. It is also stated that a dog owner walks their dog 24 minutes twice a day for each session and that is a total of 5 hours and 38 minutes per week. That is definitely better than a person being a member of a gymnasium but does not even exercise at all. In addition, owning a pet is both beneficial to the pet itself and also to the owner. Pets are known as a man’s best friend and although they can improve fitness, they also provide good companionship. According to Zasloff (1995) one of the most common reasons for humans to own a pet is because they want companionship. Pets make good company for people who live alone and fill in absences. They can relieve discouragement and depression which can arise from loneliness. Some people prefer animal company to human company since animals won’t judge you or advise you on things you don’t want to hear.   Apart from the psychological and physical benefits of owning a pet, pets are just fun to have around and they can be very lovable at times.

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