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What I Would Bring to a Deserted Island

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“Hey you! Yeah, you in the cream colored scarf and ugly huskie shirt. Have you ever been on a deserted island? You have? Well have you survived on a deserted island with little but the clothes on your back? Ok here’s my story. I’m trapped on a deserted island in the south pacific with a hatchet, water purifiers, rope, a bow and a quiver of arrows, a fishing rod and reel, a first aid kit, some water proof matches, a tent and the clothes on my back.

In my thesis I listed a lot of items but in reality these fall into 3 simple categories survival supplies, hunting supplies, and disaster supplies. In this paragraph you will learn about the survival supplies I brought and why I brought them. Firstly you need a solar still to purify and distill water because water is the most important thing for all life on earth even more important than food because you can survive for a month without food while you can only survive 3 or so days without water. With the solar still providing water, you will also need a hatchet because hatchets can be used to chop down trees, light fires, and skin animals as the need arises. One other key supply is rope because rope can be used to climb trees and cliffs safely as well as providing a means by which to pull heavy objects to where they are needed. Having brought survival supplies to this island suggests foresight on my part. In the next paragraph you will learn about the hunting supplies I brought and why I brought them.In this paragraph I will list the hunting supplies I brought to the island. First I brought a hunting bow for two reasons: first, to kill game; and second for protection against predators of both the human and animal kind.

One way a bow helps kill game is it provides a way to hit things that are a larger distance from me than my arms can reach. Another way bows aid in hunting game is they provide more stopping power and killing force than a thrown stone. One way a bow aids in protection is it is a silent killer that can wreak havoc and cause terror with out giving the operators position away. Another way bows aid in protection is most bows have enough stopping power or feet per second speed to kill a charging rhino let alone a man. I also brought arrows because without a projectile a bow is as useless as a bent stick in a survival situation thus arrows aid the bow in both protection and the killing of game. The third thing I brought was a fishing rod because I needed to feed myself and sense I was so near the ocean a good source of food is fish. Another way a fishing rod helps is it allows me to catch enough fish to not only eat and store but to trade to any others who might be on the island with me. As you can see I did not dwell long on the subject of the bow because I do not wish harm on any human unless they wish harm on me. In my next paragraph I will talk about the disaster supplies I brought with me.

In this paragraph I will discuss the disaster supplies and why I brought them. First I would bring a first aid kit to bandage wounds that I may sustain during day-to-day activities on the island. Next I would bring water and weatherproof matches to light fires (yes I know that I have a hatchet and can use that to light fires but its easier to do with a match than it is to do with the hatchet.). Some ways lighting fires would help is to cook meat and fish; provide warmth and light; and signal for help. The third item I would bring is a tent because tents provide protection from both the elements and wild animals, plus it also traps body heat so that you stay warmer than you would without one. This proves that tents are a good thing to bring to a deserted island. In the next paragraph the story concludes.

In conclusion I would bring a hatchet, water purifiers, rope, a bow and a quiver of arrows, a fishing rod and reel, a first aid kit, some water proof matches, and a tent to a deserted tropical island. WHAT WOULD YOU BRING?

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