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What are the positive and negative effects of globalization?

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Globalization is a concept used to describe the changes in society and the economy in the world. It was created by the growth of linkages and exchanges between countries, organizations, or individuals in the cultural, economic, and social on a global scale. Nature of globalization is the extended the market beyond national borders (Angus, 2009). The first wave of globalization is from 1492 to 1760. It is marked by the fact Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas and the development of colonialism in the world. The second wave of globalization is from 1760 to 1980. It is marked by the first industrial revolution in England. It confirms the dominant role of transnational corporations in the global economy. From 1980 to now, the extensive development of biotechnology, information technology, and electronics has created the third waves of globalization and narrows the gap between countries in the world (business. n.d)

Globalization is a development process. It is not only limited in economic, political, but also extends to aspects of culture, society and way of life. Globalization offers the world including developed countries and developing countries have strong impacts. Not only are the positive effects but also negative effects.

On the negative aspect, globalization has increased the development gap and disparity between rich and poor. We have a large polarization between rich countries and the poor countries with the extreme difficulties to the extreme and the debts piling inability to pay. The developing countries and less developed countries suffer more challenging due to issues of globalization poses than developed countries. The rise of inequality and social injustice caused discontent in the country and the poor class. It is the result of the increase of civil war, economic collapse and a wave of protest globalization (asa, n.d).

Globalization also increases the social evils in the world. The development of information technology and finance has led to increased social evils such as drug victims, HIV-AIDS, prostitution, smuggling, international terrorism, corruption, etc. All make up loss social stability (Prabhkar, 2010). The life of human, the family, the country and the world becomes less secure in economic, financial, cultural and social. Besides, culture is also affected strongly by globalization. The spread powerful of multicultural, especially Western culture creates challenges for the culture of the ethnic and social stability. It is a loss of cultural identity of each country because of assimilation, and hybrid grocery. When the traditional culture is diluted and assimilated into global culture, it makes social degradation.

Moreover, when economic globalization development, environmental and ecology issues is imperative problem for the world. Global ecological threats are increasing such as the air is polluted by exhaust fumes and chemicals, along with

the destruction of forests and natural resources. It created the climate warming, greenhouse effect, desertification, etc. Furthermore, globalization is causing a challenge to the independence and sovereignty and eroding the power of the state in each country (asa, n.d).

However, we also cannot deny the positive that globalization brings to the world. Globalization promotes economic liberalization and economic growth in the world. International trade is increasing at high speed. Moreover, it is increasing competition between economies, businesses and countries. They improve and enhance actively the product quality with competitive prices to survive in the market in the world (Arjun, 2010). This brought great benefits to consumers; they have more opportunities to reach out to the products of different countries. Moreover, employment opportunities for the workforce were expanded when the employee may work in the foreign countries with high salaries than their country. Besides, globalization has increased foreign capital flows with the opportunities for developing countries to attract direct investment from foreign countries to develop their economies (Arjun, 2010).

On the other hand, globalization has also created a cultural exchange, intellectual and technology transfer, innovations, inventions to other countries in the worldwide and opening the door for industrialization and modernization. (Arjun, 2010).Besides, it makes increasing transnational flow of data through the use of technology such as Internet, satellite communications, telephone, etc. Along with the spread of culture, the country can combine harmoniously between the modern and the tradition. On the basis of preserving national cultural identity, preserve the essence of national culture, absorb the essence of world culture, and localized them to enrich national culture. Culture will become positive aspects of globalization.

The above is not all, that is the basic of positive and negative aspects of globalization, but we also saw the good and bad aspect of them. Globalization has brought many opportunities and challenges for countries in the world. To solve these challenges, we need to try and attempt to gradually develop in the future.

Beside the wave of globalization, the world is having many opposite opinions surrounding the creation of a one-world government. Most people fear the movement to create a one world government. There are many forums are arguing about this issue in the world. It is thought that creating a one world government would end the freedom on the planet. Moreover, competition in the economy and society will decrease when the world has one government. When we have the same legal systems in the worldwide, it is too large to manage and control (Murdock, 2011). Corruption, bureaucracy will have the opportunity to increase because the larger the power is as much as corruption. The human rights violations can easily occur. Besides, a law and management will not be effective because the culture in other countries is very diverse and rich with many different traditions and needs.

Furthermore, patriotism is also a major barrier. People do not want to give up their citizenship, roots. The creation of a one world government will make them fear that their country will lose its national identity, their culture will be annexed, and their country will disappear. Nowadays, there are a lot of hatred and conflicts between nations and groups of people (Summers, 2010). Therefore, the creation of a one world government is difficult. How do you think when we have too much opposite power in the government? What would happen if the government operates inefficient? Not only a country but also all worlds will be affected by it. Moreover, in the past, Hitler also aims to create a world government. This is the cause of the fear that power will fall into the hands of dictators like Hitler, the world will be controlled, and people will face more threats (Ozvulan, 2007).

So far, there are many problems that people feared the creation of one world government. It is good or bad, this is still a problem that makes many debate the world.


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