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Website Magazine Analysis Vogue

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Colours: The website uses very formal colours for example black and white; this portrays the magazine as being sophisticated. This would appeal to the ABC1 target audience because the colours have been used within a high end fashion magazine. The black writing on the white background also makes it stand out and look bold. The colours that are used are not very similar to the print magazine. The print magazine usually uses bright colours for the masthead where as on the website is only uses black. This could be because they are trying to target a wider audience, by using plain and formal colours it is more likely to appeal to a wider audience. Another reason for this is because they have more images on the website version, therefore by having a plain and simple background and masthead it will make the images stand more and look of a better quality. Font: Vogue’s online magazine mainly uses serif, for example the masthead.

This portrays the magazine as being formal and sophisticated, therefore making it appropriate for the ABC1 high class audience. However it also uses some sans serif, this makes it look modern and stand out. The magazine uses a variety of sizes of text, for instance the masthead is very large, and this makes it stand out and means people are drawn to it instantly because it stands out amongst the rest of the text. It also uses a smaller size for the less important text that does not need to be read first, for example when giving more information about the articles. Print: There is not a large amount of print on the main page of the website as this would make it overwhelming. By not using a lot of print it creates a sense of enigma and makes the reader ant to click on the articles to read more.

Language: The majority of the magazines language is formal; this appeals to the target audience and is therefore more likely to engage them. The magazine does not use any slang and this is not likely to appeal to the target audience. This also creates the image that Vogue is high class and sophisticated. Vogue uses quite a lot of direct address, for example ‘Are you the next Miss Vogue?’ This makes it more personal and gets the reader engaged in the text. Layout/Navigation: The layout for this website is quite basic meaning it is easy to navigate around. The articles are also very spread out with a lot of space between each article making it look modern and upper class. This will appeal to the target audience. There is also a tab on the left side of the website which is always there; this makes it easy to use. This is different to a magazine because a contents page is usually only in the first few pages on the magazine, whereas on Vogues website it can constantly accessed wherever the reader is. This makes the magazine easier to use.

Target Audience: This website is aimed at an ABC1 high class. It also aimed mainly at women. I know this because the articles are all mainly focused around women’s beauty and fashion. Furthermore, in my opinion the magazine is targeted at people with reasonably high incomes, I know this because the products that are promoted on the website mostly have a high price and are luxury items, for example Cartier jewellery. On the other hand the magazine does not have a subscription cost, meaning it can be easily accessed by anyone. Representation: Vogues website represents women as being confident and independent. Evidence for this is the direct address and their body language. The models that are used in the magazine are mainly around the sane age and have the sane body type. Conventions of front covers: The online magazine does not have that many of the conventions that a print magazine does.

For example the print magazine has one image that is behind all of the text where as on the website there is a variety of images related to different articles. Another is the print magazines front cover has the same text font and a colour scheme, where as the website has more of a variety of font and colours. One example of a convention that the online website magazine has created for itself is a contents tab that can directly take you to pages wherever you are on the website. Summarise: In my opinion the online version is more successful because it is able to reach a wider audience and it is more accessible to the target audience. It reaches out the same target audience as the print magazine. I know this because the articles are all similar to the print magazine. As well as this the colours and font are similar. The website is very effective as it has had a good response by the audience and is positive.

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