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We Should Not Be Treated Equally

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I disagree with this statement, because I do not think that one human being is more important than another. I think this, because in my opinion, nothing affects the importance of a human being. No matter what, we are all the same and we all deserve to be treated equally.

I think that Christians would disagree with this statement, because they would think that we are all valued by God and no human being is more important than another. They would think this because of the sanctity of life, which is the belief that we all have a soul which is what makes life sacred. So if we all have a part of God in us, then no one is more important than someone else. This is one reason a Christian might think we are all equal in the eyes of God.

Another reason a Christian might disagree with this statement is because they would believe that we are all Gods creations and therefore we are all the same to him. This is because of the teaching “You are Jew nor Greek, free nor slave, man nor woman, for you are all one in Christ Jesus”. This basically means that no matter what you are, race, title, sex, you are still of equal importance in the eyes of God. This is another reason why Christians might believe we are all the same and should be treated equally.

Some people in society might agree with this statement, like EDL, because they think that not everyone is the same. They think that race separates people and it is the thing that makes us all different. This is because they think that someone’s race affects their importance and because of this, they should not be treated equally.

Others in society, such as anti-racism groups and feminist groups, would disagree with this statement because they would think that nothing makes one individual important than another, because we are all the same. They protest against inequality and believe that everyone should be valued. This is why they believe we are all the same and should be treated equally.

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