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Was Alexander the Great really that Great

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Alexander the Great was great in that he conquered and established authority throughout Eurasia at a young age. His military tactics were quite impressive. However, while Alexander the Great founded many cities, he failed at building a lasting empire. After his death, his empire began fall apart. Alexander the Great is known for his achievements. According to document E, by the time he died at the age of 33, Alexander the Great formed an empire that was 2 million square miles and founded 70 cities. Documents B and C prove that Alexander the Great also defeated Porus’ army and the city of Tyre. Alexander the Great’s military tactics were very successful. He was a clever military leader, and without his tactics, he would have never been able to conquer all that he did. In document B, Alexander was able to defeat Porus’ army along the bank of Hydaspes. When he saw Porus’ army, he moved his troops in different directions to confuse Porus. He tricked Porus until Alexander’s army came in and attacked. In document C, Alexander the Great and his army were able to conquer Tyre. Many cities beforehand surrendered to Alexander without a fight, however, Tyre belived they could stand against him due to the fact that they were on an island, and they had high walls to protect them. After seven months, Alexander’s army were finally able to attack the city.

Although Alexander the Great was such a successful military leader, his ruthless ways have made him look not so great. In document C, Alexander and his army defeated Tyre. After conquering Tyre, the king, Azimilik and other notables were taken as refuge and Alexander killed them. The 30,000 survivors were sold into slavery, and two thousand men of military age were crucified. In document D, The Legend of the Hat Band, Alexander’s hat fell into the water. One of the sailors went and got the hat, but swam with it on his head so it wouldn’t get wet. When he returned to Alexander with the hat, he was granted a talent. Then, Alexander ordered for the sailor’s head to be cut off because the prophets had explained hat he should not allow the heat that wore the royal head band to be safe. Alexander the Great was, with no doubt, a great military leader. Him and his army were able to conquer all throughout Eurasia in a short period of time. His achievements are legendary. Because of Alexander’s death in 323 BCE, his entire empire fell apart after ten years. However, only his achievements and legends make him a great. Alexander was a ruthless man. He was responsible for the death of thousands of people, some including his own warriors. So in fact, Alexander the Great really wasn’t that great.

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