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Walmart Case

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There are many places that I like to go and shop, look or to just hang out. There is one store in particular that tops them all and it is Wal-Mart. There are several pros and cons about Wal-Mart but we will go over three of them ,two pros and one con. The first pro is they are a one stop shop and they have almost everything you could need. The second pro is that many of their prices are very low and very helpful to a college student as well as many other people. From my perspective there is only one con, it takes forever to check out most of the time because there are many employees working in other areas, but only one or two cashiers. This place can be your best friend or your worst nightmare at the same time.

Wal-Mart or rather “Wally world” as me and my friend s call it has everything, literally everything from food, clothes, toys, electronics, music, guns and more. I go there more often than I would like to admit but there is always something I need or forget when I am there .Also, every now and again I will go in with the intention of getting one or two things, but when I see something I like I get that instead and then forget what I came for in the first place. It’s a really great time saver to have everything you need in one place and even some things you don’t need.

Many items on my list are really affordable which is a great help especially in light of the fact that unemployment has sky rocketed over the past couple of years. It’s really great to get your groceries and everything else you need and all your Christmas gifts in one place, at least most of them, and without having to skip a bill or rent for the month or eat ramen all month. They even have great prices on expensive electronics though Wal-Mart is not the best place for some electronics, such as computer components, and computers . There prices also affect some of the other stores prices which make them a little more competitive.

The only bad thing for me is the customer service. The employees have no idea what they are doing a lot of times and it takes forever to find a line to check out in. There always seems to be lots of employees working in other areas such as, stock, security, or just standing around doing nothing .There always seems to be only one or two checkout lanes open and a mass of customers waiting to be checked out. Most of the departments closes up early a lot of times so there is no help when you need it. In conclusion, Wal-Mart is my favorite store and most of the time my worst store at the same time. There are many great things about shopping in this store, and only one major negative, they are a one stop shop and they have almost everything you could need. Many of their prices are very low and very helpful to a college student as well as many other people. The only bad thing is that the customer service tends to be very bad at times.

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