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Value of a True Friend

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I was a new student back then, when I was 14. I was just an ordinary girl, I mean, I was never the hotty type of girl. No boys were after me, wishing for my phone number or whatsoever and I knew only the classmates noticed my presence. I didn’t really care about it so be it. After a few months, I get used with the new environment and got to know more friends and there was one group of girls who caught my attention. They seemed to have a perfect life. Boys were after them, they had a big circle of friends, they were pretty, knew how to dress well, handsome boyfriends and so forth.

Although I was a kind of girl who didn’t really care about my look but I admitted that I was quite jealous with those girls and sometimes I wished to be like them but in fact, I still didn’t care because at that time, I had a friend who would always be there for me. She was Izah but I used to call her Mimi. She was my best friend. We had many similarities. Just like me, she was not a hotty girl and maybe I could say that we were quite nerd. We would always spend time together in school and shared everything from the big secrets on our crush down to our meals. We sat next to each other in the classroom and never separated, like a pen and ink.

One day, I participated in a competition. I was announced as the winner. I was very glad and of course Mimi as well. She was the one who supported me very much from the start till the end of the competition. I owed her. From that moment onwards, wherever and whenever I was around in the school, people would notice me easily. I felt more appreciated than before and I could say that I was a rising ‘star’ in the school. As a rising ‘star’, many people wanted to approach me and be friends with me including the ‘popular’ group of girls in my school. They started to notice me and gave attention to me. They were different than before.

They were so kind to me and I always hung out with them. Slowly, I learned to dress well and looked more attractive than before. I noticed that boys were after me and my world was full of glamorous. As the time passed slowly, things had changed. Usually when I was around, people would approach me even though I was eating in the canteen alone. I was like their main attraction and would be treated very well. They would talk to me and had a chat with me. But again, things had changed slowly. It seemed like my popularity fades away with time. When I was at the peak of popularity, I would never be alone although I tried to.

But now, when I was standing alone in a big crowd, nobody really cared about me and that made me realize how foolish I was. I was being fake and not being honest to myself. I was a hypocrite. I was not being sincere to myself. All I wanted is appreciation until I forgot the most important person in my life who stayed with me through thick and thins. When I was popular, I dumped her and thought that the people around would appreciate me with the popularity I gained. I did a big mistake and regretted it. One day, I tried to approach her but I was very shy with what I had done for this while. I took a deep breath and slowly walked towards her.

Now, I was standing behind her and I took a deep breath again. I encouraged myself to talk with her although I was a bit hesitated. I was afraid that she would be mad at me. “Mimi…,” I called her with a warm smile on my face. I tried to be as sincere as I could. She turned her head slowly towards me and smiled at me. Without realizing, I pulled her into my arms. I hugged her so tight. “I’m very sorry for being such a silly friend,” I whispered to her. “You’ll always be my best friend, buddy,” she convinced me. I continued, “You’re not only my best friend but you’re also my true friend. Now, I realize the value of a true friend”.

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