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Vacation in Jamaica

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Since my husband and I got married in May of 2010, we did not have a honeymoon or a vacation. So my husband Ryan and I came to a decision that we are going to take this opportunity and spend lavishes on a combo vacation. This trip was once in a lifetime vacation in Jamaica, and we were very excited, I felt like a little kid waiting for my very first candy. Ryan and I went ahead and book our vacation at Sandals, in Montego Bay, Jamaica. There was so much to do in just 14 days, I taught we would have lots of time for sight-seeing and enjoyed the package we choose, but in real time that was not the case. Once we arrived, and meet with our personal concierge to discuss our trip and it result in altering our package to fit our needs, in the outcome we lost some money while doing that. However, our favorite excursions were sailing down the lake, the waterfall, and twenty-four-hour entertainments. This was an experience that I never had before and it worth every penny.

One the day of the first excursion, Ryan and I got up early, had our breakfast and pack for a day out surrounded by Mother Nature environment. We took a bus ride about 4 hours with a group of other people that is also going on this trip. We arrived at the top of the lake and then we got our lifejacket on and went onto the bamboo raft with our guide. The water was not clean, there was some debris floating around the lake, and that because heavy rain had fallen the night before. The water was more in a darkish black with the looks of cloudiness to it and had no smell at all, but yet it looks creepy. On the brighter side, the forest is something to talk about. The trees are very old according to the guide, most of these trees are over 100 years old, pretty amazing I say. The shape of some of these trees are wonders and I even came across one with a face, it actually feels like it was looking at me, watching my move, as if it was the protector of the forest. Has we continue to sail down the lake, we saw some of the native people standing along the banks watching us, as we sail by them with craft in there hand waving it at us hoping we would buy their craft. At the end of the raft trip I purchase some of their merchandises, the people were happy of my purchases. This was such a calming adventure; I would enjoy doing this at least once a week, it just so peaceful and I can reconnect.

The second adventure was taken place a couple of days, Ryan and I start our day early as well, we got geared up for another day of excitement. We were on our way to the Dunn’s river fall in Ocho Rios, Jamaica. We were on a bus ride that took about 4 hours with another group of people that is going on this trip as well. As we arrived at the Dunn’s river fall, we meet up with a guide that leads us through a park heading down to the shore line of the river. As I get closer I can see the waterfall the site was breath taken and yet a sense of danger lurk around me. We got to the bottom of the waterfall, and looked around and I could not believe what I was seeing. The river had big ships and some were cruise ships, then I heard a roaring sound with rage as I turn around and it staring straight at me, there it was the waterfall, so this is what the talk is all about, I had taken a triple take. It is so incredible, it captures my attention, the landscaping was captivating I felt speechless I have never seeing anything like it.

Watching the water rushes down with a dynamic force of strength traveling about 100 or more mile per hour, cascading over these big boulders; while giving a soft innocent side to it with a white vale pouring over each rock as if it putting on a show for me and welcoming me with open arms to it beauty. At first I was afraid to climb such magnificence beast I could only foresee danger, our group held hands in a chain link and climbed the waterfall, there was some dangerous spots and it was not easy to climb against fast rushing water. The group of people and us manage to help each other and at the same time we all had fun. We finally made it to the top; I was so relieve of fear. Nevertheless, when I taught this adventure was over think again, it was the most pleasant scenery, I taught I die and gone to heaven. This scene is astonishing, just imaging standing on the highest mountain overseeing the river with the blues sky and the water color was a bluish to an emerald green with the sun light glistens in the river, a nice cool breeze is blowing, it a place I would recommend, it is a remarkable place to visit.

Finally, a few days of calm and relaxing, a nice day at the beach just enjoying the sea breeze as it calms me while watching the wave dancing
and the sound is soothing to my ears. As I was surrounded by this delightful evening as the night sets in. The scene on the beach was invigorating. Every evening there is a party, these parties normally last anywhere between 12 to 24 hours and you have a choice of at least 3-5 different place to party all within the same facility. The most memorably evening party was the one right on the beach. There were different shows throughout the night, there were live music played by a band and everyone dance and had a good time. Then the second part of the show involved with a man doing stunts, this man weighs about 230 pounds standing on a board with nails pointed up, that’s got to hurt, but he was not hurt, he said it was a specially technique he used.

As the evening continued with the moon light shining upon us, there was more show put on and even games where the audience would participated, this was lots of fun, as I recall one of the game involve witching cloths with your spouse within five minutes or less and if anyone who participated were the first one to accomplish this task, you win a prize and you must wear the same outfit that begin worn on that same evening. My husband and I were one of the participants out of twenty couples, I could not believe my husband, Ryan fit into my dress in less than three minutes, he is a big guy and he won a prize for it. It time to eat, the aroma in the air of food just make you extremely hungry. There was so much food to choose from it was serve buffet style, I was so hungry that I took one look at the food and I was full, but I did not let that stop me I did had my share of serving. The deserts are absolutely mouthwatering just by looking at it you can almost feel your taste buds anticipating the delicious delights satisfying your sweet tooth.

Although, in spite of a couple of minor setbacks, a vacation in Jamaica can be totally awesome, we had made changes to our packages and we were able to visit most of the interesting places. Our vacation was successful because the incredible day trips we choose, sailing down the lake, the waterfall, and even twenty-four-hour entertainments are bound to make it a winner. Jamaica is a beautiful country for it spectacles sceneries, beaches with soft like crystal sand, excellent shows and dining, and the possibility to party non-stop. I could do it all over again, I feel everyone should experience this at least once in their lifetime.

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