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Unit One Business Administration

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1. Identify at least two reasons for producing documents that are fit for purpose.

If the documents are incorrect in some way this can have adverse effect on a business and documents can make a significant contribution to the effectness and efficiency of the business.

2. Use the table below to describe some of the different types and styles of documents that are produced in a business environment, and then explain when these different options may be used.

DocumentsWhen they are used

Letters are used to let customers know of changes or asking them to call if necessary


When a manager needs a detailed information on the business changes or statistics on what the sales have been for the year. Spreadsheets

These are used when someone needs to calculate the sales for the week

 Section 4 – Know the procedures to be followed when producing documents

1. In most organisations, time is taken to agree the purpose, content, layout, quality standards and deadlines for the production of documents. What are the reasons for doing this level of planning?

So the customer can see what`s in the document easily and understand what the business is saying to them.

Purpose: so the documents can help the customer move towards desired outcome or objective.

Content: provides the information that is needed to get things done.

Layout: the customer can readily access the information in the document, information is presented in logical steps.

Quality standards: the customer can specify key output measures simply things like numbers of words and spelling accuracy.

Deadlines: customers can make arrangements knowing the document will be available from an agreed date and time. This aids efficient use of time resources suppliers will arrange their work in a way that delivers to the deadlines.

2. Businesses will spend time checking finished documents for accuracy and correctness.

How is this done?
The final draft document would have to be checked first and have the document to the right specification between supplier and customer and also check spelling and grammar on the document.

Why is this done?

To make sure that the document is correct and there is no mistakes.

3. Explain the purpose of following confidentiality and data protection procedures when preparing documents.

Because it is requested by law and would be good to the business practice. There`s a legal framework regulates the way that personal information is collected, stored, processed and distributed. Businesses creating and distributing documents rights, confidential information of the individuals must be respected. If the business didn’t they would lose their customers.

4. In business environments, there is often a requirement to use notes as the basis for text and documents.

Compare the different types of documents that can be produced from notes and include a description of the format of each document.

These would be minutes of meeting, letters and reports.

Minutes of meetings have the agenda, who has attended, absences and apologises then there will be the content of what was said in the meeting.

Letters they would be on letter headed paper with the customer and business addresses on the subject and the date the letter was written content and signature.

Reports would have a front page, contents page and then the pages would have different headings on depending on what the report is about.

Explain the procedures to be followed when preparing text from notes.

Procedure to be followed is establish the purpose for note taking, establish the format for the document check notes for clarity and make amendments if necessary. Check that the detail in the notes is sufficient for producing the document, check the facts produced document check final document to make sure there`s no mistakes.

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