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Unhealthy Eating Habits

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Over the next ten years the macro-trends that are likely to be important to the US healthcare system are: personal lifestyles and behaviors. In the upcoming years these macro-trends will affect many individuals because of unhealthy eating habits and the affect it can have on a person’s lifestyle and behavior. As we all know, everyone has the right to eat what they want. However, the choices they make can be greatly influenced by their cultural backgrounds, religions, personal habits, financial income, and overall knowledge of health.

As Jamie Ducharme states, families with “higher incomes of 350% of federal poverty level eat more fast foods then other families who earn less” (Ducharme, 2018). Since fast foods are processed and known to be high in sodium, and cholesterol, such eating habits can have harmful effects in the future. Therefore, this lifestyle choice will be critical in the healthcare system and would have a large impact on the incidence rate for diseases.

According to Ann Pietrangelo, Elea Carey, and Kimberly Holland eating foods like, fast foods can cause high blood pressure, weight gain, high cholesterol, and shortness of breath that can negatively affect the healthcare system (Pietrangelo, Carey, & Holland, 2018). Fast foods and junk food are also commonly abused because they can be addictive to individuals as well. Thus, it can lead to higher risks of depression, type two diabetes, heart disease, obesity, and early death (Brissette, 2018).

These unhealthy foods and poor eating habits also affect the health of babies in pregnant mothers. Infants born by obese women are at an increased risk of health concerns for both – the mother and child, ultimately causing gestational diabetes. Children are also affected by these eating habits when parents make poor choices. In fact, parents that provide ready-meal lunches can cause more medical risks and illnesses in children (Patterson, 2013). Hence, its essential to read the list of ingredients on all food items and keeping track of sodium, sugar, protein and carbohydrates content is efficient to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Though, maintain a healthy lifestyle is effective, incorporating an exercise routine can also have a large impact on the healthcare system. Exercising can provide benefits like preventing fatigue,

stimulating blood flow and providing energy. Exercise has also been proven to reduce the risks of mental health disorders or issues like: stress, anxiety, and depression (CDC, 2018).


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