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Tool For Stakeholder Analysis

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Action Plan – Name 3 key actions you would take based on your stakeholder analysis to either manage stakeholders or clarify their interests. Be specific: tell what would you do, explaining how this is linked to your mapping of the stakeholder and their interests.

Based on the given information the role of the accountants is not clear. Because of the ambiguity surrounding the role of accountants, the accountants can either prove to be strong potential allies or potential active or passive opponents. In order to get a better understanding of their role, I will discuss the issue of inflated value of donations from some donors with the accountants. Doing so would help me determine whether the accountants are simply unaware of the issue or are intentionally ignoring the issue. Based on that determination I would formulate a remedy that may or may not involve the support of accountants. Chief executive

The chief executive has made it clear that she is more interested in keeping good relationships with the donors and is not willing to alienate the donors by tackling the situation. Therefore, I consider her as my active opponent with high power. Nevertheless, I will have a very candid conversion with her and will let her know that how some donors are inflating the value of their donation for tax purposes. I would express my sincere opinion that the right thing would be to let these donors know to stop inflating the value of their donations. In addition, I would make the recommendation that we improve our internal accounting procedures. Doing so would not only protect us from potential future legal troubles, it would also ensure that the reputation of the organization stays unblemished. Board of directors

In the event I fail to get a positive support from either the accountants or Chief Executive, as a last resort, I would bring this issue to the attention of board of directors. Ultimately, the board of directors has the authority to take corrective action. Since the reputation of the organization is directly tied to the reputation of members of the board of directors, I consider them as powerful, positive allies.

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