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Titanic Informative Speech

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In 1898 an author named Morgan Robertson wrote a book about an unsinkable ship called “Yes, The Titan” that set sail from England to New York with many rich and famous passengers on board. During its voyage, the Titan hit an iceberg in the North Atlantic Ocean and sunk. Many people died because there wasn’t enough lifeboats on board. Now here’s where it gets weird, Robertson wrote, The Wreck of the Titan, 14 years before the Titanic actually sank. The Titanic sinking is the largest non­war related disaster in history, and it is important to be knowledgeable about the past. From the catastrophe to the silver screen, the sinking of the Titanic remains one of the most famous disasters in history. Today I will be talking about the titanic itself, the accident that happened on its journey, and last but not least the movie that was made about it.

First off, The titanic was decorated with only the finest appliances available. According to a quote from Shipbuilders magazine that is included in Peter Thresh’s 1992 book Titanic, “Everything has been done in regard to the furniture and fittings to make the first class accommodation more than equal to that provided in the finest hotels on shore”. The suites located on the ship consisted of a sitting room, two bedrooms, two wardrobe rooms, a private bath, and a lavatory. The first class dining room was the largest on any liner; it could serve
500 passengers at one sitting. Other first class accommodations included a squash court, swimming pool, library, barber’s shop, Turkish baths, and a photographer’s dark room. The Titanic, at the time, was believed to be the most luxurious and safest ship ever built. She was the biggest existing ship and the largest moveable object ever built at the time of her launch.

Geoff Tibbals states in his 1997 book The Titanic: The extraordinary story of the “unsinkable” ship, that the Titanic weighed about 46,000 tons and was 882 feet long. This is 100 feet longer and 15,000 tons heavier than the world’s current largest ships. Peter Thresh stated in Titanic: The truth behind the disaster, published in 1992 that the Titanic accommodated about 2,345 passengers and 860 crew­members. Tibbals, as already cited, described the Titanic as having an exterior layer that covers an inner layer, a double bottom, that was created to keep water out of the ship if the exterior layer was pierced. The bottom of the ship was divided into 16 watertight compartments equipped with automatic watertight doors. The doors could be closed immediately if water were to enter into the compartments. Because of these safety features, the Titanic was deemed unsinkable.

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