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The Social Problem Of Police Brutality

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Police Brutality is a serious societal problem that affects many states around the U.S. Widespread police brutality exists in many countries and territories , even those that prosecute it. This is an issue because its excessive force by police targeting mainly people of color. Law enforcements are abusing their power and not maintaining the communities safety nowadays. The media just follows it up and constantly reports about the violations but nothing is ever really done about these incidents.

For many years, people get into situations and incidents where police officers abuse their rights, treat suspects badly. Instead of seeing the officers guilty , it’s always the suspect that’s in the wrong. Most of them can not even defend themselves because the incident ended fatally. People who end up in these unfortunate events almost never seek the justice they deserve. This causes fights , protest , riots , and etc to break out because we just really want to seek justice.

In most of these situations people of color are being targeted and the only reason why is because of racism. Seventeen year old Trayvon Martin ( African American ) was reported as a “ suspicious guy “ because he was walking back home from the store. He was then shot and killed on February 26, 2012 by George Zimmerman who claimed it was self defense. Another incident was the Michael Brown case where he allegedly was hitting on the officer Darren Wilson in his car and the cop got out and shot him multiple times. Darren Wilson was announced not guilty for the murder of Michael Brown. These were just some of the few black men that was killed because of miscommunication.

In hopes of a resolution , people then start to protest on the behalf of these victims in these brutal crimes. Even big time football players took a stand . Colin Kaepernick did a peaceful kneel during the national anthem at his game for the injustice and police brutality. He received backlash from his league and got put out but to me it was over a good cause. Making a stand and being heard is the best thing to do in these situations , because time after time they do this to our people and they get away with it. The system is biased and filled with racism. The government needs to reevaluate and invest in a better team to keep this country safe. Also the judicial system needs improvement also because they just let these officers get away with the damage they are causing.

In conclusion people of color deserve better. Everyone on this earth should be able to live their life as they are , not being killed by a police officer because the color of our skin. I say continue to fight for something better , continue to make a stand for something matters because black people do matter.


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