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The Service User

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Care agencies are committed to meeting the needs of service users especially for care and support, which at times that could create conflict. When such problems occur the needs of the service user would take precedence over the worker.

The basic principles underlying our support to vulnerable people include:

The career would encourage the service user to exercise their personal choice opportunities and lifestyle. They would also ensure that the person is fully involved in decisions about the provision, extent and timing of any care or support, and also over the withdrawal of any Service. The duty of the care or support worker is, together with the Service User, to assess situations and needs and identify practical methods of providing services and support to meet those needs, together with the advantages and disadvantages of each method. Those alternatives will be explained to the Service User, including the risks and advantages, the Service User will then be supported to make their own choice, and that choice will be honoured.

Where, for reasons of mental frailty, the person who is being cared for is not able to participate fully in making a choice, due consideration will nevertheless be given to their wishes, so far as these are expressed and practical to implement.

Service Users will be consulted about daily living arrangements and enabled to participate in discussions about any proposed changes to those arrangements and be fully involved in and fully informed about the individual assessment of their care or support needs. Service Users have a right to be involved in a careful and thorough assessment of their needs and wishes, and to be included in the development of the outcome.

The care or support worker recognises the right of Service Users to be left alone, undisturbed and free from intrusion and public attention. The Service User also has a right to privacy with regard to both his/her personal affairs and belongings.

The Service User’s rights to confidentiality must be safeguarded. The care or support worker will not disclose any personal information about Service Users to a third party unless this has been agreed with the Service User concerned. Agreement to disclose information should only be sought if this is for the benefit of the Service User, e.g. for the purpose of assisting in their Care.

Every Service User has a right to information about the objectives of their Care and a detailed explanation of the service being offered, and a right to see all records relating to them.

Irrespective of the severity of their physical difficulties or mental infirmity the Service User’s dignity, independence and individuality will be respected and maintained. The Care worker will recognise and respect, regardless of circumstances, the uniqueness of each Service User and their intrinsic value as an individual. Dignity in social Care is maintained when each person is valued and treated with respect in all aspects of their daily life, irrespective of their circumstances or level of dependency, and when they have skilled, sensitive Care such that enables them to achieve the highest possible quality of life.

Every Service User has the right to have their social, emotional, spiritual, cultural, political and sexual needs accepted and respected. Service Users will be enabled to achieve their potential capacity – physical, intellectual, emotional and social. Individuals will be given support and freedom to realise their personal aspirations and abilities in all respects of daily life.

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