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The River Processes at Dovedale

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Now that I have finished carrying out my investigations both on river processes at Dovedale and the tourist pressure which occurs in a honeypot in Castleton, I have now finally reached a conclusion based on my findings of each experiment. I will give an analytical overview of what I have found out and discuss whether the aims which were stated way back in section 1 were completed but more importantly a success.

Analysing The River Processes at Dovedale and Judging whether or not the aim has been clearly met


Look at river processes in Dovedale and how it affects the river – I will have to investigate various distinctive features of the river (8 sites) in order to complete this e.g. the wetted perimeter, the velocity, the bedload size and shape at 1m intervals, the width and depth at 1m intervals. I will then write down what I have found out and then transfer this data onto a table which looks at river processes and begin to write out the results. I will then analyse each site from 1 to 8 in as much detail as possible including doing a Spearman’s rank.

I think that I have successfully completed my river survey as I have met each and every one of the things stated above. Firstly it says that I had to specifically carry out experiments related to do with distinctive features of the river – the wetted perimeter, the velocity, the bedload size and shape at 1m intervals, the width and depth at 1m intervals. I think that this aim as been clearly met because in my hypothesis I stated that as you go downstream the velocity will increase. In my results I found out that the general trend in velocity increases significantly as you go downstream. This shows that this part of the aim has been met. In my analysis of data I also mentioned that the velocity of the river will increase subject to the river gradient, channel roughness, and the channel shape. If a river were to travel through boulders on the river bed and rocks protruding near the surface of the water then the river would have to overcome such obstacles and therefore there would be more friction and the velocity of the river is significantly reduced as a result of this.

Again this shows that I have given a clear analytical overview of the data mentioned and it shows me clearly trying to attempt to answer the points as to which I had to cover. Another part of the aim which I met was that I had to produce several Spearman’s rank tests and show what they show. I did this well but it could have been better and more accurate if I showed the data on a scatter diagram. This way I can look at the relationship between the two sets of data in a more clear way. I also carried out each of the other features which I had to analyse but some of them did not go according to plan such as the bedload size and shape. On one of the radar graphs it showed that the bedload size was much bigger than what it was actually supposed to look like.

This maybe because the bedload which was transported downstream did not hit as many rocks than as any other of the other rocks. Also it could have been that this anonymous result happened because the bedload was on the inside of the river stream – this is where the river velocity is at its slowest due to the larger surface area as to where the water has to travel. This means that instead of the rock being on the outside it received less erosion. Overall I think that I have shown the work which was needed to be shown in the correct places but more importantly I have analysed what my main findings of the river survey show and mean. I have also produced each and every graph and results table which I was supposed to and analyse them critically. The hypothesis stated in section 2 has now given me answers as to what I thought would happen and it proves that most of my theories came true. This is why I have said that I completed and achieved this aim successfully and in the best possible way I can.

Analysing the tourist Pressure in a Honeypot in Castleton and evaluating my overall performance on this aim


To look at visitor pressure in a Honeypot in the National Park – This task will involve me and my group into investigating the impact of tourists in Castleton and what their arrival has done to the location. I will then devise and carry out a questionnaire investigating the impacts of tourists on the town and the surrounding area. I will gain these results from asking as may people as I can. Furthermore, I will also carry out a traffic survey at 2 places and carry out an environmental impact analysis and a car park survey looking at how busy the town is and how damaged it has become. I will then need to write up my results and what they show, by this I mean analyse their wider implications and consequences

In order to complete this aim in the best possible way, I had to do several surveys in Castleton and explain what each survey showed. One of these surveys which I carried out was a questionnaire. Now for the questionnaire I had to ask at least 15 people. My questionnaire shows that I have clearly met this part of the aim as I did not fail to interview at least 15 people. Along with the questionnaire I also had to produce a traffic survey and an environmental impact analysis. My surveys show that I have carried out this aim so I can safely say that this part of the aim has been met. For this aim once again I can say that it has been achieved as I did not find any anomalies in my results and that I produced all the surveys above. Please see the surveys as usage of evidence.

Now that I have analysed each investigation and stated whether or not they have been successfully achieved, I will now produce a discussion considering what my thoughts are on the possible solutions on tourism in the Peak District National Park. This write up should be given consideration with regards to solving the problem with conflict, encouraging stewardship and encouraging sustainability.

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