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the recruitment documents of Tesco

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In this task I will be researching the recruitment documents of Tesco, the second largest supermarket (measured in profits) in the world, behind Wal-Mart. To research these recruitment documents I will be looking at job advertisement of ‘Marketing Manager’, this includes the job description and person specification.

What is a job description?

A job description is a list of the general tasks and responsibilities of a position. Typically, it outlines what tasks will be needed to be completed while in the job and the salary range. An example of a job description is shown below.


What is a person specification?

A person specification is the opposite to a job description, instead of focussing on the details of the job, the person specification details the type of person the company wants for the job, usually a job specification would have a list of essential qualities that are required for the job, for example ‘Excellent knowledge of the full POS processes including brief, creative management & managing agencies’ is required for the Marketing Manager in Tesco. A person specification will also include desirable qualities, which are not needed but if the candidate has these qualities it will improve their chances of receiving a job offer. A picture of a job specification is shown below.

Job Advert

The objectives of a job advert are to attract candidates who are suitable and capable of completing all task that are needed to be done by the position on offer, and to deter unsuitable candidates from the job. For a job advertisement to be a good advertisement it will need to be clear, honest and precise, it should clearly point out what the job involves and what is required of the person by superiors, it should also have a detailed outline of which type of person is needed for the job and the qualifications required, listing the qualifications will help achieve both objectives as it would show the potential candidates that a certain level of qualifications is needed which would then deter under qualified people from applying, clearly showing the qualifications would make sure the advert is relevant as it would provide details needed at the application stage.

A good job advert will also include rewards which the candidates can receive whether they are financial or non-financial. Also it should detail the application process on how to apply and the deadlines which applications will need to be submitted by, this is important as it will directly affect the number of people applying for the job. The method which Tesco has advertised the job of Marketing Manager is by using the internet on the Tesco Careers website, using the internet can help reach a much large number of people from various parts of the country compared to the traditional advertisement in local or national newspapers. Advertising on the internet can help cut down on printing costs and other types of advertisement.

Application Form

Personal details is the most common section of any application form, this page ultimately acquires information on the candidate such as name, address and National Insurance number, these are important as it will allow Tesco to easily contact the candidate and also allow the person to work at Tesco, also in this section Tesco ask if the person applying has the right to work in the UK, this is necessary as it can help Tesco avoid any legal issues which may arise. In the following page Tesco asks for the what days the person applying is available to work and how they found out about the job, this is also a common section of an application form as it allows the company to see how well they are doing in terms of advertising the jobs. Tesco also ask for any criminal convictions/previous employers details and (depending on position) valid driving license details. Another section which is common amongst employers is ‘Equal Opportunities’ which asks the person applying about their ethnicity, marital status and gender as well as any requirements e.g. wheelchair access. This is important as it means Tesco cannot discriminate while choosing people to hire.

Interview Checklist

An interview checklist is a list of essential and non-essential qualities which the company look for, with the non-essential qualities being a bonus. As we cannot actually acquire the Tesco interview checklist we have research and write about what may be in their checklist. Tesco may have qualifications in their checklist, because it is a Marketing Manager, qualifications may be essential. Another point on the interview checklist may be languages, this may be non-essential as it is not an international job which is on offer, therefore languages are not a must, however Tesco may see this as a positive. Experience may also be on the checklist as essential, this may be because they cannot afford to lose time training; therefore someone with experience can easily fit in and start working. As part of the interview checklist, the interviewer at Tesco may use psychometric testing, to test the knowledge, abilities, attitude and personality; these would give Tesco an idea on the person. References may also be an essential part in the checklist, Tesco may require the references to see how well they had worked previously, references can make the difference between selecting the right candidate. Other factors which can be considered is the overall appearance of the candidate, how well the candidates speaking skills are and body language.


In summary, I have a looked at the recruitment documents which Tesco use when advertising jobs, primarily Tesco use the internet. The process of applying, is simple an application form can be download via the internet and then handed in to Tesco. Also I have gone through the interview checklist which Tesco may use.

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