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The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued

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About the Author

     Ann Crittenden is an author who is known for her ability to present the realities behind the importance of dealing with the most influential plaguing the American society at present. The said issues, especially those that are related to the American family ties have naturally intrigued Crittenden on how other nations of the same industrialized situation as that of America is, are able to face the challenges of the said situations that are closely related to that of the situations involving the social behavior of the American communities.

     Crittenden is also an author is able to answer several controversial issues in the American society through traveling to other neighboring countries. Through examining their own situations as that of the American communities, it could be noted that the said author validates the informations that she contends in her books through the implication that the solutions are particularly social pictures of the actual situations being dealt with when the issues are discussed.

Among the issues that she is fond of discussing is that of the topics involving womanhood and how they are particularly noted through the way that they are treated by the people living around them. One particular writing is that of the book entitled “The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued”. This book and the way that it is written particularly imply the importance of women to the society. How?

About the Book [Its Contents and Summary]

     It is true that Americans indeed recognize the importance of women in the community as major role players to the individual development of the people within the human society. However, although they intend to value women for becoming the mothers that they are supposed to be, the said society still lack the capability of completely showing importance to the being of women. In the book of Ann Crittenden, it has been showed how the different aspects of womanhood actually contribute to the capability of women to handle their responsibilities as pillars of personal development to the human society.

The 336-paged reading material also gave an overview with regards the real reasons behind the inability of some women to handle their appointed responsibilities to their families and the society. Primarily, the author aimed to show how the imbalance of life contributes to the hardships of women in balancing their time that they are spending with their families, their chores and their secular jobs. Many women try to stick to their capabilities to best assess their time to be able to continuously be able to handle their responsibilities as mothers and as pillars of human development among the population in the society.

Although the responsibilities of women are overly appointed to them [as per noted by the balance of gender-based roles in the human society], most of them continue to struggle simply to be able to face the world and their responsibilities to the human population as mothers. The compliments given to them are however measured through the reading to be inadequate to actually be in balance with the efforts that they are posting for the human society’s improvement as a community of advancement.

Reactions about the Reading

     It is true that mothers are among the most important personnel within the human society. They are noted to have the capabilities of balancing their time to be able to balance their activities and responsibilities with their families and the entire human society.

True, the views of Ann Crittenden actually shows the importance of women as individuals who have their own responsibilities while also having their own wants and demands as human individuals. However, because of the fact that they are endowed with important responsibilities as part of the human society’s development, they usually sacrifice their own wants simply to become efficient in completing their responsibilities of mothers, thus becoming the main pillars of human behavioral improvements in the human society.

Overall Critique

     The approach of the author in presenting the facts with regards the discussion hosted through the reading could be noted effective and authoritative since the use of factual examples draw the implications of the theories of motherhood and women treatment in the society to the truthful situations that women of the present era need to face as major elements of human improvement. The author’s ideas accompanied with her proofs actually made the presentation of the book strong and valid for practical knowledge. Thus, for those wanting to understand motherhood and all the other obstacles met by women under this situation, this reading is indeed a fine find for clarification of the issues involved in the matter.


Ann Crittenden. (2002). The Price of Motherhood: Why the Most Important Job in the World is Still the Least Valued. Owl Books.

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