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The Postman Always Rings Twice

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Violence, intense hate, love wanted, and love not wanted, all of these are themes responsible for making two great books.  Shakespeare, writes in Macbeth get them drunk and sleepy, Macbeth produces  two daggers to kill her father and Banquo.  Macbeth then told her to smear blood on them.  James M. Caine had Frank and Cora get the Greek drunk and place  him behind the wheel and stage an accident that kills him.  Both stories have guilt.  Cora feels guilty and constantly looking over her shoulder throughout the book.

            Both Macbeth and Frank see ghosts of the murders they performed.   Macbeth saw Banquo and Frank saw Nick..  In the 1946 version movie, Frank had an attempt on his life while he took a bath.  Frank set a step ladder up and a cat came out of nowhere.  While Frank talked to the motorcycle cop the cat climbed the step ladder and caused an electrical surge which caused Frank to fall in the bath tub.  The poor cat was fried solid.

Cora kept wanting to call the district attorney in order to tell him the truth, and Lady Macbeth couldn’t wash the blood from her hands.


            There is a very fine line between love and hate, and it doesn’t take a lot to drive a person or persons to murder.  Especially, when love of a beautiful woman is involved.

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