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The New Belgium Brewing Company

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Question 1     

The New Belgium Brewing Company works to address a number of environmental issues of which include effective use of energy as a resource, this the company is doing through the use of  cost efficient and non pollutant energy sources. This is shown by the companies switch from the use of the highly pollutant coal energy to wind energy that is more clean to the environment in operating their business. The company also addresses the issue of responsible waste disposal through its recycle and creative reuse strategies that involve reusing spent burley in feeding its customers animals instead of disposing it in a manner that would cause pollution to the environment. The company also encourages its employees to use bicycles as a means of transport instead of other means like cars that pollutes the environment.

            The company has taken a strategic approach in addressing environmental issues by investing in modern technology like the automated brew house and the two quality assurance labs as well as the wind energy to ensure environmental efficiency. The company has chosen to focus on environmental issues because it takes consistence to the fact that it’s the environment that sustains the business, good environment would ensure quality barley for production as well as healthy customers to consume the quality product.

Question 2

The company’s social initiatives are basically an act of strategic philanthropy; this is due to the fact that most of the social initiatives put in place by the company are strategically tailored to have some kind of positive relationship to the organization sales. For instance the act of dividing donations between states in proportion of sales clearly shows that the organization is not giving out to any one but to those who contributed to their profit lines.

Question 3

New Belgium brewing company’s actions and initiatives are basically ethical and socially responsible for instance the company organizing a bicycle race dubbed the MS150Best Damn Bike Tour to raise money for more than 5000 people with multiple sclerosis is an act of ethics and social responsibility given the fact that their sclerosis may have been caused by excessive drinking which the company also strives to discourage through their responsible drinking initiative.

Question 4

The company in a bid to foster ethical and responsible conduct should also invest in more programs that directly impact on the lives of the alcohol consumers as well as the environment like running educative advertisements on responsible drinking and effects of excessive drinking

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