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The Lorenzo’s Oil

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Sarandon, Peter Ustinov, Noah Banks, Michael Haider, Billy Amman, Cristin Woodworth, and Zack O’Malley Greenburg being the best actors of the movie in the lead roles really indulges you into the movie. Through out the movie it’s multiple Lorenzo’s and they all p,ay a terrific part in the movie as actors.It was filmed primarily from September 1991 to February 1992 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Lorenzo’s Oil is a drama film that was dirtied by George Miller.

In the movie Lorenzo’s Oil he started to experience weird trauma such as lost of hearing and throwing temper tantrums. Through what was going on his parents didn’t know really what to do so they took him to the hospital.When he went to the hospital he was diagnosed with adrenoleukodystrophy (ALD) which could kill you faster than you would think. His parents lost there mind and at this time there was know cure for the disease, so the parents didn’t want to give up on there child so believe it or not they started trying to find a cure on there own. While there son health was getting worst, they came upon a few oils that could slow down some fatty acids so they added it to there son diets. While adding the oil (erucic acid) it was successfully making his chatty acids in the brain become better. While taking this medicine he was able to answer yes and no questions by blinking. Something else that happen in the movie was although Lorenzo was in a lot of pain and not able to do things at one point of time the doctor ask Lorenzo to move his “little pinky” and Lorenzo’s did just as what she said. This was a very emotional scene in the movie because the parents had regain hope that there son maybe could just become cured and be normal again.

But things in this movie was different one day you could gain things and the next day you may lose it all. Something else that you discover in this movie is the only way you can get ALD is mother to son. This reveals a bad connection with the parents because the father seems as if the motor gave the son ALD. This is called a sex-linked diseases. Something else that was revealed was on boys can have ALD. Other problems that occur in the movie is they have a parental support group with parents who kids had ALD, the parents all meet up and tell what has happen to there kid and try to support each other and tell what they have tried to do and what work and what didn’t work. Something else that they have did was Express the way they feel about the situation that there children are facing. Also, in the movie a paper clip theory is introduce to show how the fatty acid in the body is being faced and show the good and the bad through the body that is causing the body to have to much fatty acid.!

Through this film that we watch I feel that it opened my eyes to things that other people are faced with in life and I never really realized what they where fighting. I feel that if things like this is going on in the world maybe everyone should at least try and pitch in a little help and help with what is going on Also, I feel that the family are really strong to be able to fight what is happening in there lives and stay strong and not breakdown. Something else that should be said is they should broadcast things like this so people wont be blind of what is happening. I recommend this to a lot of people in the world to see how tough it was for families to face this and fight trough it and never gave up.

Also, to go look at what life was like before technology to realize that the world is moving forward but look where it came from. This will also be good to look at to give knowledge of what has happen to Lorenzo’s Oil and where it is know. This is very important in the biology room because you see how enzymes work. Also you see how multiple scientists have to work to help out one experiment, but it could just be one big failure. This shows you how the body works in its mysterious ways and how one thing goes bad your whole body could be affected.

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